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  1. Editor still blows chunks for quoting

    I just tried quoting with a MAC on Chrome and left clicked on the box (red arrow) and then hit the delete key and the entire quote box/text disappeared.
  2. IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

    I'd rather wait and have a killer system :)
  3. Car Fan Sickness

    No ribbing taken because I am a car person and I am a big Mopar fan too.  When I was in the right position, I pushed and pushed for a Dodge Shelby Challenger. . .but it was too late.  At any rate, the Hellcat is awesome. I know that there are many Camaros out there, but not a lot of Z/28s that have been sitting for decades left, which is what I am looking for.  My grandfather was a GM executive and my mom was into the Impala scene of the 60s and early 70s. . .so I just love cars that are/were done well regardless of brand.
  4. Car Fan Sickness

    Both of the ones in Florida are 1969 Mustang Mach1s - wish one was a 67-69 Camaro. The search continues for one.
  5. Does VigLink Work Currently?

    I hope VigLink works with 4.1
  6. How to Change Aplication tab name?

    This gets the @Charles Charles Mac Daddy Super Fly Award!  Way cool.  It didn't work in Chrome/Mac OS, but it did in Safari!
  7. Stream improvements

    Three notes: 1. Moving the Activity Stream to where the View New Content link was makes a lot of sense - it will be easier for people to find it and adapt. 2. Having the topic titles above who posted it and where is NICE. 3. I like the sidebars as it further highlights how useful this tool is.
  8. Car Fan Sickness

    The last time that I drove mine were 1987 and the other in 1993-ish.  They are in South Florida, so are not hit by any elements.  The one that I'd like to have is sitting in a garage in Michigan, so I don't know if the winter weather has an adverse effect or not?
  9. Car Fan Sickness

    For the fourth year in a row, I've tried to convince this woman to sell me her 1969 Camaro Z/28 without luck.   . . .then my wife reminds me of one of mine that's been sitting since 1983 
  10. As I have expressed, I love what you've done to the activity stream as it provides a lot of useable information on the fly.  Is it possible to improve the hover card to that we can have easy to find powerful information as you've done with the activity stream? I really like the hover card below because it offers a lot of information without having to search for it.  The profile page, media page and albums page are all links - the only other important items that are missing are: PM/E-Mail link and Marketplace submissions links. Thank you for considering this request.
  11. Overlooked feature: Albums Only

    + 100 
  12. 3.4 going through to April 2017 is a good thing.  I honestly don't believe that 4.x is up or ready for prime time yet, but I hope that it gets there soon.  Quite frankly, Xen's is far more appealing in a lot of ways compared to IPB 4.  I don't say that lightly since I've been involved with over 60 IPB licenses.
  13. Suspect Activities

    Interesting idea - love it. THANKS for your continued contributions! 
  14. I posted about this being a good thing too
  15. Option to hide post under moderation

    How about moving to a special forum the preserves the material, but only accessible to admins?