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  1. Dear IPS, I've been with IPS since 2007 and have never regretted purchasing their products. Especially after 3.2 was released, my my all the beautiful AJAX. Anyways, my new project is based solely on events and IP.Calendar does well for that however i do have a few issues. When using any Calendar system, whether its a faeces open source one or a plugin for wordpress/drupal...etc. There is always always always a very good events recurring system. With IPB we can only do weekly, monthly and yearly. I mean, if those were done, how hard would it have been to do daily? Now, i don't know too much about php, mysql...etc, but in my opinion having recur events daily shouldn't be too hard. In addition to that, we need support for recur event every first wednesday of the month, or every 2 weeks...etc. There is no support for that. The problem is, even if we manually create 10 events because we can't do it daily, the users will get 10 EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS!!! Please IPB, try and fix this!! :). Another problem i have is Calendar support for the mobile skin. What bothers me is if it's a paid plugin like Blog, Gallery...etc there is support for mobile skin, but for Calendar, none. Is it because it's a free plugin? I really need the IP.Calendar support for mobile skin so i can buy white-label mobile application plugin. Please IPS do your magic! - V
  2. White Label Mobile Apps and Android App Beta

    Will there be calendar support?
  3. Hey where did you find the mini calendar hook? I can only get the hook that says "Upcoming events"

  4. Mobile calendar?

    Hey bfarber! I went to on my Android and noticed that the website still managed to change the look of the calendar to fit the Mobile width. Seems like it's something that can be completed quite soon! I look forward to the release!
  5. Mobile calendar?

    I need this too! Really bad. My website revolves around events.
  6. Ic, but i don't see a software on IPS that allows users to post articles. I don't want them making posts on forums and then having a block on the IP.Content to feed of it. I actually want the articles and the forum to be separate. So people post articles on IP.Content and the article shouldn't be shown on forums. I'd also want a commenting system below that article. Please tell me if this is possible and available Thanks
  7. Can i have a frontpage where there are articles that have been published (like approved)?
  8. Hi guys! I've been with IPB since 2007 and i just recently renewed because of this amazing 3.0 version. Now 3.1 so can't wait :P. Anyways i've got a new project in development and it's going to need some serious coding. I considered Joomla, however there aren't any USER PROFILES so i couldn't do that. I considered Wordpress, didn't like the fact that the Dashboard was not frontend and users would have to go to an entire new page (with different skin) and post from there. I am so confused at the moment. What i need: A website where people register, and have their own profile. They are able to: 1) Post articles that need approval before being published, 2) Post videos that need approval before being published, 3) Post pictures that need approval before being published. Then once approved, other users should be able to reply to that post, there should be options under the article, video, picture where they can "Digg" "Facebook" "Like it" and then there should be a counter showing how many "Likes" Then on the Posters profile there should be:Avatar Information Website Email ...etcTotal Contributions: XXXXXX Total Likes: XXXXXRecent ContributionsVideos/ Video Here Articles/ Articles herePictures/ Pictures here What my question is, is IP.Content able to do this? I also need Forums so IP.Board is good for that. But then another problem arises, can i have the profile i mentioned above on my IPB profile, still with the IPB profile features intact. Please help, i just want to know if IPS can do this. If they can i am going to purchase whatever is needed. Thanks, Vivek Manglani P.S. A website similar to what i want is but with the added feature of having a forum
  9. I really need some advice on my latest post! It's about a total revamp of the IP.Board and IP.Content

  10. Expired License, What are my limits?

    Hey Guys! Thanks for all the help! I just paid 25 USD via PayPal to renew however i still don't get the option to download 3.0.5,, Please advise, Thanks, Bibz
  11. Expired License, What are my limits?

    Ok! :) Thanks guys for the awesome support however i just paid it's been over 6 hours lol, i still don't have the option to download :(. I paid by paypal.
  12. Expired License, What are my limits?

    I see, and how long do these renewals last? and will i get full control again once i pay 25 USD?
  13. Hello everyone, I paid for an IPB license in 2007, and barely used it, infact didn't even have one successful community. I'm thinking about starting a new one using IPB. However, when i logged into my Client Area and click "Your Downloads" i'm unable to download any of the latest boards? I thought my payment in 2007 covered the license to use the board? Also i lost my copy of the IPB 2.3.5, and i want to download it. The IPB 3.0.5 looks awesome, i may want to use it can i use it with my exisiting license? or do i need to renew? or do i need to BUY a new license (that would suck). Please someone advise me on this, Thanks, Bibz