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  1. TheMorrigan added a post in a topic Just thought I'd share this with you   

    That's a pretty big jump :)
  2. TheMorrigan added a post in a topic vB4.0.2 to IPB has anyone done this?   

    I did it just to test out how it would go - imported a database backup of my existing vB3.8 site into a new install, upgraded it to vB4 and then moved it to IPB - went very smoothly... I was actually very impressed with how painless a procedure it was :D

    Problem now I find is that I'm thinking about moving all my vb sites to IPB, but I just don't have enough licences to do it or the money to buy the amount I'd need right now so I'm trying to be patient :D
  3. TheMorrigan added a comment on a blog entry IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Sharing Links   

    Very Very Nice!!!