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  1. Back from venturing out into the snow!

    1. AndyF


      I went out an hour ago and it was very very slippy ><

    2. TheMorrigan


      Yeah.. we can't get the car off the drive LOL

    3. AndyF


      lol I know what you mean I had to just go about 10 miles out into the sticks, was very slippy :(

  2. Right - I have to go out into the snow .. and then spend the rest of the day upgrading AdminExtra to the latest and greatest version of IP (insert all addons here)

  3. Admin Extra wants reviews of the hosting companies you use! (We also want your tutorials/articles and souls as well hehehe)

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    2. TheMorrigan


      Please don't let me stop you hehehe (I am in the middle of a redesign on IP.Content - so if you decide to throw them across, just whack them in the Article Submission forum and I'll promote them to articles. Hmmm.. that makes me think of a modification I need!)

    3. AndyF


      Well, remind me in a week or so if I have not got around to it. Much busy at the moment.

    4. TheMorrigan
  4. Location: Derbyshire, same as me then :) , I think there's a few people from Nottingham but that's about the 'nearest' afaik.

  5. Converted Admin Extra to IPB finally!! Yay for us :D :D

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    2. Fishfish0001


      I never used it because it was vB :P I love the new template. Clean and good colors :D

    3. Saurabh Jain
    4. TheMorrigan


      Thanks all. Fishfish001 - does that mean you'll come visit now hehehe

      Gary - yeah I'm pleased with it. Your account is active again btw.

  6. woohoo just paid for nexus.. now waiting for access :D

    1. TheRevTastic


      still jelous

    2. Graeme S.

      Graeme S.

    3. Ryan Ashbrook
  7. Hey there. I have joined you over here on IPB, just waiting for my order to be confirmed. YAY.

  8. Uploading 3.1.1 to testboard... oh to be able to stop testing and just USE it!!!!

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    2. TheMorrigan


      That's way too complex for me. Coding isn't my forte :D

    3. Sailfindragon


      I can totally!

    4. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

      A script would be possible, just need to scope out the database schema for IP.Downloads and make sure I get the right users associated with each submission.

  9. I'm soooo tired.. need food too!

  10. Trying to concentrate when kids are running around like headless chickens is not easy!

    1. Matt


      It's bad enough with one!

  11. Just thought I'd share this with you

    That's a pretty big jump :)
  12. Feeling pretty excited about moving my site to IPB

  13. Getting closer to a conversion :D

    1. Matt


      Glad to hear it. You know where I am if you need anything. :)