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  1. That's a great way of using your imagination. Wow wish I thought of that. Turns out I have begun using mailchimp. But thanks for the ideas....I will certainly keep them in mind for the future!
  2. A recommendation from many internet marketers is for allowing guests to subscribe to newsletters, as a way of building larger email lists. Makes lots of sense.....and you see it all over the net. But it seems like this increasingly important capability is missing from IP.Board.Say a guest comes to my forum, doesn't want to become a member but is interested in entering their email. I should be able to collect guest emails, and use the Bulk Mail tool to send them newsletters as well. Doesn't sound too complicated...simply provide a template form (example below) and auto-store those collected emails into a "Guest Emails" member group....Then allow the bulk mail to send to those in this group as well. Would LOVE this!!!
  3. Ticket system broken "You did not enter a message"

    As a follow up to ticket # [SR828706-byK] - putting it here since I can't reply in the ticket - The issue is my databases are not accepting new entries. Not sure what IP.SEO has to do with it? Was that reply meant for someone else's ticket?
  4. Ticket system broken "You did not enter a message"

    I'm also having the same error with replying and posting a new ticket. Using google chrome. Please help!
  5. Articles 2x2 and 3x3 Templates

    Also wondering the same thing
  6. Large increase in successful spam account signups?

    All great tips - I deleted the questions with math questions and replaced with your chicken question. Added in a bunch of variation answers and will look forward to seeing the improvement.
  7. Large increase in successful spam account signups?

    Wht kind of questions do you use? How difficult? Is there a list of Q&A's that are good to use?
  8. Has anyone else seen a large increase in registered spam accounts even with all of the spa settings in place? Even bogus looking emails are passing right through to 'member' level accounts and I don't understand how they are passing the question and answer challenge and captcha. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks,
  9. Has anyone used IP.Content to create a wiki-type webpage?

    Thanks I checked out those examples. They weren't really what I was looking for - I posted a new topic seeking help ... and the offer of some money... from anyone who is willing. Topic here - http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/361613-seeking-help-in-combining-database-blocks-feeds-categories-to-create-a-user-edited-wiki-subject-page/
  10. Has anyone used IP.Content to create a wiki-type webpage?

    Any examples of this in action?
  11. Has anyone used IP.Content to create a wiki-type webpage?

    When I say wiki, here is exactly what I am looking to do... I want to create some subject specific pages. For example a Florida page. Next I want to create different sections such as Things to do, places to visit, recommendations, travel agents, etc. I'd like to allow members to contribute their input to each section...essentially allowing users to generate the page content. This solves the problem of me having to write all the content myself. Is this possible? Thanks
  12. Has anyone used IP.Content to create a wiki-type webpage?

    Thanks gxg, I thought I was the only one out there. Seems difficult to find examples of this!
  13. So I've got a ton of topics for which I know my website needs fresh relevant content. The challenge - where to get this content and who is willing to provide it for free. One thought, is to use the IP.Content wiki option to allow exactly this. But would need to really like more like an informational content page than just a database template. Has anyone successfully implemented a wiki using IP.Content? If you could share the link(s) that would be great. Thanks!
  14. Wondering the same thing!
  15. Using IP.Blog only for 1 blog with a user friendly URL

    I would also like to know if this is possible... I have just 1 blogger for the site and would like them to appear to be the only one blogging as well! Is this possible?