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  1. Tutorials

    Hi.. is it possible to promote a forum post to a tutorial? Thanks!
  2. Languages

    Yeah - to be honest I take it on the chin that I didn't even ask & shop around before creating the account, but it seems at least for the other installations I worked on - that were in place when I got there - that 32MB is pretty common for cheap hosting packages (e.g. $5/month or less).
  3. Languages

    Roger that. GoDaddy defaults at 32MB and you have to pay $$ for a dedicated server if you want more. Not sure how big the forum can really get when we're limited that small.
  4. Languages

    I found a Traditional Chinese version for 3.1.x, but not Simplified. Does anyone know of such a thing?
  5. Why IPC is failing

    I'd agree with that. I'll easily pay extra $$ if it saves me hours of work. MS Word won out over WordPerfect back in the 90's not because it had more features, but because it made the 20% of features that 80% of the people used every day ridiculously easy. When was the last time you used WordPerfect?
  6. Why IPC is failing

    Perfectly stated!!!! :) :)
  7. Why IPC is failing

    OK, so I've read all 7 pages now and what I'm not clear on is what the value proposition of IPC is? I've been using IPB - I mean I installed and have been an admin on several installs after since - for 4+ years now. However for our CMS one admin installed Joomla and I've used SiteFinity (that's a .Net product made by Telerik for you php dudes) as well. Some folks seem to want a tool kit out of IPC, others a full fledged (read mature) CMS. My question for the staff is why should I choose IPC over some other CMS? Are you targeting the WordPress crowd? The Joomla crowd? Or is it intended to be simply an add-on for hard core IPM coders who are fluent with php (and thus by proxy, HTML/CSS)? Answer that and you may solve a lot of frustration centered on what the product is/is not, and prevent people from buying it when it's not what they need (and thus, frustrated customers). I'd like to give this product a go esp. as it would be awesome to do things like (yes, these are user scenarios I'd love to have fulfilled): 1. Easily create a page in my CMS that pulls data from my IBP, e.g. like top 30 rated topics or maybe a filtered list of members based on a custom field. 2. Easily promote an excellent topic from a sticky (pinned) topic (or post?) to an actual content page (saves me copying pasting, and it would auto-link to the related discussion) 3. Cool WYWIWYG way of dragging links from IPM to an IPC page, or perhaps even from the Gallery to an IPC page However so far I'm wondering how it is "better" than some other CMS I can buy (or like Joomla, get for free). Also, given that this is 7 pages in, it would seem to me that you'd have a wealth of people willing to be beta testers. Even if not on our own sites, why not just create one with weekly builds that we can explore and give direct feedback to? I'll agree that I shouldn't have to know how to do PHP code to make the dang thing work, but for HTML I'm not sure this is the case. I can have HTML novices post content in the raw which gets it to 90% and always have an admin tweak it if needed. I've yet to see any CMS product (though yes, I've seen home grown solutions but who wants to spend $100k in developer time for a free site) in the past 10 years that truly obviates the need for basic HTML knowledge to use without issue.
  8. Is there any way to get the behavior we had in the past, e.g. via /index.php?act=Search&CODE=getnew It would show all the most recent posts regardless of whether you read them or not, regardless of your last visit. Admins on my boards use those a ton.