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  1. Regret buying this software

    I hate to be the one to say this, but, Jeremy-Ernst has a valid point. Too often we see marketplace sellers advertising their skins work with all versions of an IPB series, such as 3.x or 4.x. More often than not, their skins only work with the current iteration of the IPB software, such as 4.1 (and that they are not compatible with 4.0.x series) and so on. The problem is that they were created using 4.1 series and that they aren't always backwards compatible with, say, the 4.0.x series. I've run into similar problems with forum skins from IPB3, as well. The problem is that when they are uploaded into the marketplace downloads area, the uploader won't do their due diligence and place there wares in the proper category for what versions they work with. I'm not trying to be sarcastic about this but if the uploader would test their skins or hooks on previous versions of an IPS series (3.x; 4.x, etc), just make sure they work so that there are no miscommunications with those of us who are purchasing them.
  2. Pinterest button in IP.Gallery

    I hope it's going to be an option to switch it off or to make it optional. I hate it when software devs push mandatory features on the end user as I know the members of my community would also hate that.
  3. Lifetime/Perpetual Licence, expired ?

    Uh, I mean't they will be able to answer your questions 'correctly'. I mistyped. Just submit your inquiries to IPS Support, they'll be able to assist you with your problem.
  4. Lifetime/Perpetual Licence, expired ?

    Rob, I believe you are incorrect. While Lifetime/perpetual licenses have been retirede, those clients that currently had them before they were discontinued were allowed to keep those lifetime licenses. They were 'grandfathered' in. But, IPS said that those with lifetime licenses could convert them to standard licenses, if they so choosed. Masaru, submitt a support ticket as IPS Support are the only ones who can answer your questions. Your lifetime license should not expire. The system simply doesn't recognize lifetime licenses since they had been retired. Just ask your inquiries through your client support account. They'll be able to answer your inquiries incorrectly.
  5. Sandi is simply expressing her opinion but it's funny how she knows absolutely nothing about me or my community. I don't create unnnecessary work for how I deal with those on my community who violate the rules or for when to apply a suspension or forum ban. Rarely has anyone on my community ever violated the forum rules. My community respects the fact that I don't make it public knowledge as to why someone gets a warning or a forum ban and they respect that. Sandi probably thinks that it's a good idea for a supervisor to publicly humiliate a worker by chastizing them in front of the public and other co-workers. Not only is that inappropriate but it does nothing to resolve the problem. If you think it's a good idea to let everyone know why someone was banned, then you have a very ineffective management style for your community and it just shows me that your members have little respect for those who manage the forums. Forum bans should always be the very last resort, as should warning strikes. There are some circumstances where forum bans are applied automatically and without warning but that it's something that is rarely done on my forums. The problem is that 80% of forum communities have super sensitive admins and moderators who 'rule everything to death' and it's become an incurable disease among many forum owners. Some that I can name off the top of my head are '', '', 'animenewsnetwork'. There are more than a few consisting of forums ran by clients in this community who seem to think 'ruling with an iron fist and beating its members to a pulp' is proper forum management. However, a good forum admin is one who doesn;t have to worry about their members violating the forum rules and rarely have to apply forum penalties or warnings. It's been a very long time since I have had to issue a verbal warning, several years since I had to issue a warning strike and only one forum ban in two years. My community respects the rules and they're thankful for the positive atmosphere that I have created among my members. They have a say in how the forum rules are compiled, they can have a vote in what changes are made to the forums and their suggestions are always added to the community. If your members are violating your rules on a regular basis and you're informing your members whoi gets a warning strike, who gets banned and the reasons why, then you have a very disrespectful community.
  6. motomac, if your users are wanting to know why one of your members have been banned, from the standpoint of an admin, why the user was banned is simply 'none of their business'. When someone gets banned on my forums, there's usually a precursor leading up to why that user was banned in the first place. It's not that I just ban someone out of the blue, it's precipitated by a serious infraction. For instance, I start out having my forum staff begin with verbal warning, which can escalate to warning strikes, forum restrictions, posting restrictions, suspension, temporary bans and then to a permanent forum ban. However, it needs to be something serious in order to get a permanent forum ban. Racism, posting spam (unpaid advertising), threatening, intimidating or harassing other members, habitual swearing, pornography or disrupting the forums in a negative manner will get someone an immediate and permament forum ban. Temporary bans could result from a 7 day suspension to as long as a 90 day temporary ban. Temporary bans could be failure to follow the forum rules after a moderator has warned that member on numerous occassions or simply disrupting the forums when told not to do so. The only a user should be aware of why someone was banned should not be anyone's business but the admin and the user who was banned. There is simply nothing to be gained from the community in knowing why someone gets banned. Since nobody on my community ever gets banned, this isn't an issue I deal with. I do get these 'hit and run' users who will register for an account, postin something defamatory about my community and then leave, but that it's mostly other communities who encourage these 'users' to do this in the hopes of stealing members from my community. They get banned automatically as soon as they post that crap. This happens to me about once every year. Not exactly a problem for me.
  7. Congrats. While my community has never gotten that, we've developed one hell of a reputation among the anime and manga community for our accuracy on anime and manga related news and have even been quoted by other communities for that distinction, as well.
  8. Reactivate license

    Absolutely. Just renew your license, that's it, and you get access to patches, updates and upgrades.
  9. Wow! That's a poor understanding of what you perceive from forum communities. The only understanding that forum admins should have is for their members to follow the forum rules. There is no reason why ordinary members or visitors should know why someone is banned. It serves no purpose. I bet you support supervisors criticizing their subordinates out in public so they can be embarassed by what they have done. THAT, is poor and ineffective management, no matter if you're a forum administrator, forum moderator, a job supervisor, foreman or your boss.
  10. Exactly. If someone has been banned, it doesn't improve the communtiy by letting everyone know what they were banned for. What does it serve? To publicly shame that banned member? That member has already been shamed by getting banned in the first place. It just doesn't serve any public use for other members to know why someone was banned. With my community, rarely do I have to ban someone, when it does happen, it's nobody else's business on my forums as to why someone was banned in the first place. The OP states that it's negative to forum staff if the members can't see that but he states no valid reason how when or where forum staff's reputation has been impacted. In the 10+ years I have been running my community, I have never ran into an occurrence where one of my moderators has seen their reputation impacted because they couldn't see the reason why someone was banned. Additionally, the forum moderators on my forums have the ability to temporarily ban someone but permanent forum bans remain with myself as the site owner. Also, I have never seen, as here on the IPS forums, where IPS Staff has had their reputation impacted as a result of banning a member. In my opinion, it's a ridiculous idea in the first place unless the OP can give a definitive example of something like this happening in the first place. I'm not being sarcastic here, just stating my personal opinion and experience with something like this.
  11. First, allowing everyone to see profile pages is a bad idea. By default, this feature is not allowed to those who aren;t registered or logged into their account. Second, allowing members and visitors to see the reason why someone is banned is a notoriously bad idea because for the simple fact that unleses you're forum staff, that should be kept private. The user is already banned. There's nothing gained from anyone else knowing why someone was banned. I look at it in the same reason as to why a supervgisor shouldn't publicly humiliate a subordinate employee by calling them out on a mistake they made. That is always done privately and out of earshot of anyone else. Because it's sure going to deter your members from returning to your community and could very well alieniate your current members who are going to be aware that youj're going to make their mistakes public. It just doesn't serve any legitimate purpose by making that public.
  12. One license for more sites

    The responses are kind of misleading. While your license only gives you the right to just one LIVE install, you are also allowed to install a testboard but that your testboard cannot be open for registration and that the testboard must also be 'offline' for all intents and purposes.
  13. I'd rather not have the reasons displayed for banning that member. It's something that only the forum staff should have access to.
  14. Can this be use for job posting?

    Brandon, I think he's asking IPS for a job. Like your siggie says, "it could be fun". :p
  15. Future of IPB Chat?

    That would be nice but I doubt that IPS would ever allow that to happen. If it did, expect to pay another licensing fee for it.