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  1. Pay $200 and keep waiting !! Too much

    I actually appreciate the fact that IPS manually approves each purchase. Not only does it prevent fraud but it also outlines the personal customer service that IPS gives to each new client. When it comes to sales (buying something with paypal, credit card or bank account), IPS should be given credit that their system isn't automated.
  2. Allow members to delete "oops" posts only

    @Machsterdaemon, you could always disable the ability to delete content. Unfortunately, it's either "allow content deletion" or "disable content deletion".
  3. Allow members to delete "oops" posts only

    Robert said it best: AdminCP > Members > Groups > Then find the "Content" tab, scroll down until you find: "Can delete own content"
  4. Allow members to delete "oops" posts only

    It's really not that complicated. It doesn't matter if someone posts a message after your member posts a message. You can select the option th allow your members to delete their own posts. However, I would not suggest allowing your members to delete their own topics. I have my community set up that allows the members of my community to delete their own content, they're just not allowed to delete the topics they create.
  5. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    If you have a webhost, you should have the ability to ban entire IP addresses or even IP blocks. I use Linux on my site so I'm able to block entire IP ranges as well as IP addresses.
  6. Guests can't report anything. I believe you need to be a registered member in order to do that. The only permissions I give to guests on my site is just the ability to browse and read content, nothing more, nothing less.
  7. Allow members to delete "oops" posts only

    The first post has been able to deleted because the original post of the topic (first post) is actually the topic creation. There is a plugin that allows you to change the author of a specific posted message:   But, members do not have the ability to delete topics, which sounds like what you're suggesting, which has been suggested before. There's no such thing as an "oops" topic or posted message. The only outcome is to ask an admin or a moderator to "split the topic" and then delete his or her message, and that is specifically an ability given to forum staff on a message forum. I think I've only used that option once, and it was simply to test out that specific ability. You really don't want your members to have the ability to delete their own topics because it would create all sorts of problems. I would just post that it's something they would have to request from your forum staff and that you should ensure that your forum staff have the ability to "split" topics. It allows you to separate the first topic message from the rest of the topic and then delete the requested post. What I think has happened is that one of your members created a topic but before it could be delete by your forum staff, someone else posted in that topic.  
  8. Profanity Filter Expansion

    I think the profanity filter is just fine the way it is. There's no need to enhance it with emoticons because it turns the profanity filter into nothing more than a joke and then you'll have your members ridiculing the whole thing. I'm not sure if I'm alone in this opinion but I wouldn't want to see the profanity filter expanded or enhanced to allow for emoticons to be inserted. It would just turn the filter into little more than a joke.
  9. IP.Content/Pages Suggestion

    Thanks. I was thinking something along the lines where when you set up a category for articles (if you have Pages set up as "article view"), to have Pages allow you to select an image that would be displayed next to the article on the index for "Pages". Where it stands now, you have to upload an image for each article you create before the image will appear. For my site, for example, I have a limited number of categories created and I would prefer the ability to pre-select an image that would be displayed whenever an article in a certain category is created. But, hopefully, IPS will consider of these suggestions at enhancing the "Pages" application.
  10. Great Support

    What you should do is create a plugin with animated fairies that dance around the main navigation bar menu. I know I would purchase one if it was priced affordable. ehehehe. *hint hint*
  11. I didn't really think about this until now but howabout including a feature for IP.Content/Pages where an admin can set an icon for a category which would be displayed as the image next to the article on the index page for IP.Content? What I'm referring to is when you have "Pages" set up for articles view, it would be a nice feature if an admin could set it up when creating a category so that when a news item or article is created, that the "icon" or "image is displayed to the left side of the article (or right-side, depending on your preference) to act as a graphic for that article. Sort of like this: It would be a nice option for IP.Content to include this. It would preclude having to upload a new image each time.
  12. Great Support

    IPS fairies? @Morrigan, you created IPS Fairies? Where are they? I want one too.
  13. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    I was forced to disable guest posting simply because when I upgraded to IPS3 (I was running 2.3.6 when IPS3 started getting developed), I discovered that my site was being bombarded with spammers. I don't know how it happened but I suspect that when IPS3 was released, the software platform became too tempting a target for spammers. This was never an issue when I was running IPB from 1.3 through 2.3.6. I was just spending too much time moderating content posted by guests.
  14. A way to ban certain guests by ip!

    @Netherlord, what you're going to find is that you're forums are going to be infested with spam. I used to allow unfettered guest posting until IPS3 was released. This was when my community started getting attacked by spammers, spambots and hackers. I then decided to allow guest posting but put those guests on "moderator approval" for all guests. It eventually became such a problem that I disabled all guest posting. I just became tired of having to deal with the crap of having to sort through every posted message that a guest would post. What I discovered was that 99% of the messages being posted by guests were messages for porn sites, pharmaceutical spam advertisements and what not. Very few of the messages were legitimate postings for actual forum content. The easiest way to deal with guests is to disable guest posting. I'm sure there are others who can back me up on this one.
  15. Guest view stats

    Ah. Now I understand. What you posted provided very little information. Understandable.