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  1. Can anyone show how IPS4 treats banners and text ads in a working forum?For example, do AdWords -type ads works ok? How about normal size banners, if it is impossible to load three different size of banners for each individual advertisers?BWKimmo
  2. 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up

    This is absolutely, 100%, totally, the most wanted feature, as I just hate different skins to different devices and I also hate Tapatalk etc. This is going to be huge leap to the future. Just hope that we can handle our ad systems with this, but at least our own text ads shouldn't be a problem (we do not use any Google operated things).   Right now we are changing all our main websites to be responsiveness also, so this will fit to it really well. This _is_ the future :)   Thank you IPB team beforehand!
  3. Nexus: Supported payment gateways

    Thank you very much for your info. We do not know anything about programming, but integration would be made by the company who has made by themselves all that payment system in the first place, so most probably they can do it if it is possible at all. Thank you very much for the link about the integration. I'll send it to the payment system company and they'll look at it. Let's hope this will work :) BW Kimmo
  4. If we would like to use one privat, domestic system as a payment gateway for the members, how difficult (impossible?) could it be to make it work with Nexus? We would not like to use Paypal or any another way, just this one we use on our site already for banners etc. Possible to integrate? BW Kimmo
  5. Suggestion for IP.Gallery 3.0: Public album

    That page seems to be Spanish, I cannot find that mod from there.
  6. Suggestion for IP.Gallery 3.0: Public album

    Adriano Faria, any news about the mod as this would be really usefull feature for us?
  7. My Favourites -forum

    Yes, this is it.
  8. My Favourites -forum

    I believe that if we ask too much, we get nothing. Then again, some people believe that you really have to ask everything, so even you'll not get it, you'll get at least something and those who are asking very little, do get nothing :) All those features you are talking about are fine and I believe that our members would like them, but do it have to be so fine/complicated system? When I think about that YaBB kind of a solution, it was so simple that everybody learn how to use it and I remember that over 80% of our members used that. At the same time less than 50% of our members ever goes to their own control panel after registration to change their personal settings. From those linked topics I read that instead of having this kind of a forum favourites system people could use browsers My Favourites system instead. Some do, but it's not the same thing. Our members are all adults and they are using our forum from the work and they cannot save 20 our topics to their work stations browser favourites, as our forum has nothing to do with their jobs. Also, how can you see from browser favs if there is a new messages in those topics? You cannot order email notication from the forum as in that forum there is like 200 topics but you are only interested in 5 of them. Most of our members do not want email notifications from all the separate topics, as already now there is so much all kind of junk emails coming to everybodys boxes. In our case the most simple way would be the best and enough. Admin has in ACP place to put this function on/off. In YaBB if I remember correctly admin can also choose how many topics members can put to their My Favourites -forum. And that's it from admins part. In every topic there is button "Add to My Favourites" and when member clicks that, it'll go to My Favourites -forum, which will be seen on top of all another forums. And thats it. After that when ever you come to the forums, you can immediately see from the front page if there will be new messages in that forum. If not, you can go away. If yes, you need only one click and you'll see immediately all your favourite topics and if they have new messages and which ones of them. All this needs only one click, I think it's unbeatable amount. No any separate 'outside' section (like personal control panel) so they'll be on forum all the time and will see another categories/forum ads all the time. Fast and simple and users really loves it, at least on big boards/lots of topics/long time members.
  9. My Favourites -forum

    Oh somehow I overlooked those, didn't understand that they were links to ready made hooks. Thank you, we will check them, maybe one of them will do the trick.
  10. My Favourites -forum

    Yes, that really would be, but your version is very sophisticated :) More simple system would be enough for us, as we are so humble people :) I haven't thought this possibility to share collections/my favourites, as it was not possible with YaBB. We were so happy with that simple YaBB version of this, that we would be happy with that only. All another features would be nice extra of course.
  11. My Favourites -forum

    Yes, Watch Topic is really 'almost there', but still there is always this extra route to go via UserCP. Few more extra clicks is needed and during 10 years it makes quite a lot extra clicks :) Watcs Forum -feature is not usable in our case, as the most interesesting forums get this 1000+ messages per day. This sidebar thing would be good but unfortunately in our case we cannot use sidebar for that as we have ad's there. You know, we do have to eat too :)
  12. My Favourites -forum

    Oh, sorry, moderator can close this one :) You asked the same thing already one year ago. Great feature still :)
  13. My Favourites -forum

    Earlier we used YaBB -forum many, many years. Now we are using IPB but there is one thing that probably everybody misses from golden YaBB times, "My Favourites" or what was the name of it. If you had some very interesting topics you wanted to follow easily, you just clicked "Add to my favourites" -button and this topic was 'moved' to My favourites -forum, which was at the top of all the other forums. So you had like your own forum on top of all forums and inside of it there were all most interesting topics for you, no matter in which forums they "really" were. On large forums with lots topics/messages, many old members are not interested in all zillion forums/topics, they just come to the forum because of few most interesting topics. On our forums members keeps their "virtual diaries" and many of them are only interested in their own and their friends diary (topic). At the moment it takes more time and more clicks to see new content of those exact topics. If there would be this 'Yabb system' in use, you just come to the front page and then open that forum and you'll see all your favourite topics. Would this kind of system be technically impossible in IPB forum? This would be great feature, at least to us :) We know that it works and at least our 20 000 + members would just love it (again).
  14. Just upgraded our first community from 2.3.6 to the latest and have to say, that those Friendly URL's really works, in our case at least. Even we have quite a niche area it was very difficult to get our forum topics to be indexed, even very relevant topics were like on page 20 in Google. Now after upgrading and one day, all tested topics were found from top-10 on Google, many were 1s or 2nd. Thank you IPB!
  15. Finnish lang pack?

    Moi, K