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  1. I am playing around with Commerce and the discount area... I have discounts dependant upon quantity purchased from some of my stock. So for example: I have an item that is $519 for 1+ but if they buy 5+ or more they are $269 a piece.... then another break at 10+ for $239, 36+ for $217 and 100+ @ $199. I have tried settings every which way and have not been able to get it to do a discount on amount purchased only. So 5 items should cost $1,345 and not $2595 Am I missing something?
  2. A few PHP errors

    I am trying to install a testsite to show my boss how we can sell items with Commerce however I am getting this error after I have uploaded all the IPS Commerce files.   Fatal error: Class 'IPS\Dispatcher\Front' not found in /data/13/1/56/80/1708569/user/1843703/htdocs/sos/joomla/store/index.php on line 13    I also tried seeing if everything was ok with the system requirements with the ip4.php file and I get   MySQL RequirementsYou are not running a compatible version of MySQL. You need MySQL 5.0.3 or above. You should contact your hosting provider or system administrator to ask for an upgrade. Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_assoc() on a non-object in /data/13/1/56/80/1708569/user/1843703/htdocs/sos/joomla/store/ips4.php on line 304  I will take care of the MySQL compatible version but not sure what the 2 fatal errors mean. Thanks
  3. Custom Tasks?

    Well I am not a dev so that puts me up a creek...
  4. Custom Tasks?

    I have a forum which integrates with Minecraft a little bit meaning gathering info from databases and checking if its current or not like usernames and UUID's and if different the username will change. In 3.4.7 I am able to add a custom task (php file) and add it to the list to run at a specific rate. I am looking at the task area and have yet to find where I can add a task for this script to run.  I would like to know if this is possible with 4.0 .   Thanks
  5. I understand that. However I don't want to pay the $15 to get it moved since there's a change in flow with the new version.
  6. Currently my main site is in a sub directory /forums Is there a way to show pages in the root folder instead at /forums?
  7. Is there a way like 3.4.6 to have your default app show on the root but have your forums within the /forums folder?  Thanks for you time Shyest
  8. McSkin

    I like the look however I am not able to get the images file uploaded and applied to the skin... Be cautious in purchasing this till its fixed!