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  1. recommendation for upgrading

    Hi,This sounds like a suggestion for IPS, and I don't work for them. Are you referring to the Thanks Mod?
  2. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Also, it works with 3.4. :)
  3. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    As bobpeters verified, it works with 3.3! :)   Let me know if you encounter any bugs.
  4. [EN32] Traffic Generator

    Version 1.0.0


    This hook generates fake visitor and member sessions to recreate the environment of an active community.  Note: This item cannot be used on IPS Hosting.Advanced functionality includes: [*]Random board locations (board index, forum view, topic view, profile view, reply view, search, and login for visitor sessions) [*]Generated sessions can only access forums that they could normally access under their permission groups. This means that a visitor won't appear to be browsing a topic in the administrator forum and a member wouldn't appear to be browsing the staff hangout. [*]Generated sessions appear to be created at different times within the cut-off limit so they won't seem to be created at once in the online list. [*]Generated sessions are assigned a random User-Agent string, a browser key, and its latest version, according to a popularity percentage for each browser and a latest version record in the Admin CP settings. Admin CP settings allow for the following configurations: [*]Enable/disable the traffic generator. [*]Specify the number of members/visitors to be generated at any time. [*]Exclude member groups from being generated. [*]Modify the list of User-Agent strings for generated sessions and the browser keys to their popularity percentage and latest version.


  5. Version 1.0.8


    Warning: Does not work on IPB4. This modification adds the ability for members to thank posters via Ajax. In addition, it keeps track of the number of times each member has been thanked and displays it in each post. It is very light-weight and adds no additional queries to the Topic View. It can automatically collapse the thankers if the list is too long. It can also integrate with (T30) Hide Content to show hidden content in posts simply by clicking the Thanks Button. Upon clicking the Thanks Button, the thanks will be added via Ajax and the thanks box below the post will flash three times to indicate that the post has been thanked. Finally, users can later choose to Remove Thanks if they regret clicking the button. If you bought this modification on Invisionize and need the new version for IPB 3.4.x, please PM me your transaction ID and PayPal e-mail that you used when you purchased the mod. The price of the mod is $12 because IPS comission is 10% + $0.50, meaning I would only get around $10 from the money, which is the original price of this modification on Invisionize.


  6. IP.Board 3.2.0: New Text Editor, Part II

    IPS! What have you done! You've made my best-selling Ajax Fast Reply mod USELESS! :( But if you did copy my code and use it in the new version, I want a share of the profits! :(
  7. Please add birthday on registration

    Thanks a lot for the feedback Worldoversea! It was a pleasure doing business with you. :)
  8. Please add birthday on registration

    I am selling a custom Date of Birth in Registration hook (no skin/file edits), please contact me if interested. You can also choose whether a birthday is required or not to complete registration.
  9. Ajax quick reply

    I didn't say it was unnecessary. If that's what I thought why would I make that mod? This is what IPS thinks on the matter of ajax fast reply as you can see in this topic and many others on this forum.
  10. Ajax quick reply

    I don't understand why everyone is arguing over $5. IPS has clearly made its point that they think this is an unnecessary feature and an overusage of Ajax in the forum. They are not going to change their mind as we have seen in the past 5 pages. Even though the majority of the posters really wanted this functionality added, and only 3 or 4 customers thought it was unnecessary or annoying. If IPS isn't going to make the change and implement this, I would suggest you add it yourself for only $5. It is a feature your members will absolutely love and thank you for it, as it saves so much time when replying to topics daily and in bulk. Not to mention the resources and bandwidth it can save for your server. This is why I have created a modification for IPB3 that adds Ajax to quick replies. It includes all of the requested features, such as showing all posts made by others after the topic has been loaded and supporting back/forward browser buttons as if it was a normal page load. Someone in the topic mentioned my mod was laggy while revealing the Ajax post. If you are experiencing slowness with the reveal effect, there are 4 other effects you can choose from, which are not laggy at all, but a little less flashy. It is all up to you. >>> http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3064-en30-ajax-fast-reply-v104/ <<< Features:The browser scrolls smoothly to the new posts. Posts reveal to the user with one of the following built-in effects according to admin input: Effect.Shake Effect.Appear Effect.Pulsate Effect.BlindDown Effect.Highlight New posts that have been made after the page has been loaded are highlighted automatically with an effect of your choice. If the board is set to merge concurrent posts, the pre-merge post is faded out and the post-merge post is revealed. Support for back/forward browser buttons. The fast reply textarea is cleared after every successful reply. Admin CP settings allow disabling ajax fast replies by forum and by group, selecting effect types, fine-tuning the effect parameters, and enabling/disabling this hook.Demo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7fqa7i7i8A
  11. Version


    File Name: [EN30] Tinychat API v1.0.2Author: Elad NavaCompatibility: IP.Board v3.0.xDescription: This application integrates a free flash chatroom with your forum. Ever wanted to add chat but were sick of bulky, slow or laggy systems? Tired of having to pay to get a decent chat? No more! Introducing a free, sexy chat that blows away every other IPB chat system available.Features: [*]Automatically grants admins and moderators operator privileges to ban users [*]Automatically sets chat nickname to the member's display name [*]The ability to force guests in your forum to log in to Twitter or Facebook [*]The ability for operators to share YouTube videos, initiate desktop sharing and create a whiteboard [*]The ability for administrators to view IP addresses of people in their chat [*]The ability to create private chatrooms for every topic and forum accessible in the topic / forum page. [*]The ability to private message users in the chat [*]Supports up to 10,000 concurrent users in the chat [*]Up to 12 people on webcam at once [*]No advertisements included [*]No skin / file edits, just upload and click Install [*]The ability to change the color of the chat background [*]The ability to set Broadcast Restriction mode, in which operators will have to manually decide who can broadcast in the chat [*]The ability to exclude certain groups from using chat [*]Automatically displays the current number of active users in the chat on your board index and camera thumbnails [*]The ability to change thumbnail size Version History: [*]v1.0.2: [*]Issued a different approach to fixing the nickname issues v1.0.1: [*]Fixed misbehavior of display names with special symbols [*]v1.0.0: [*]Initial release of this modification. Also listed here: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/f...edia-chat-v100/