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  1. Changelogs Plz?

    IP.Tracker 2 introduced permissions for that generator, you've got it disabled here for non-staff ;).
  2. Vbulletin User wants IPB 3.1 (SEO)

    What's wrong with 3.0 ? 3.0.5 is really quite good overall for search engine ranking, 3.1 builds on that but it's not massively different... Seems a bit of a lame reason to renew a vB license to be honest :blink:
  3. Is this vulnerability patched?

    The article linked to state's that it doesn't affect 3.0.5 and later ;)
  4. Insight? IPB 1.1.0

    Ip.B 1.1.0 was many moons ago !
  5. Upcoming Release Candidate

    Fantastic :D I'll be able to start on my website integration project :D
  6. Who the hell is stoo2000_merged?