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  1. Official online support & guides

    Thanks for that link, it's some help - I wasn't expecting a LOT of guides, just an Official one tbh I've posted other questions on here and still not got answers so it's not all as you say
  2. Hi - I've just started using IPB 3 and Converge for a works project (very time limited) and I'm getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of Official online support and Help guides for both and no CSS guide either is making things very hit and miss for me as a beginner I realise they're new but I'd expected there to be more available than nothing or have I missed them - if so then any links appreciated Is there any news on if guides will be made and when they'll be available please - I'm guessing they'll unfortunately be too late for me though :( I'd much rather use a guide than continually pose question after question via the client area as I'm sure they have better things to do too and it's also time consuming on my part