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  1. Hi, At the moment, paid downloads have just have 1 payment option, which is fine. But for those whose files come with licenses, it would be great to give file creators a secondary payment option for extended licenses for example. e.g. Buy now - 1 off use > $2.99 Buy now - unlimited uses > $300 That sort of thing.
  2. Hi, Do you think you could make it possible to give the option for only allowing people who downloaded/purchased the item to submit a comment? - As you currently have the ability to do it for the 2rating" just thought it could be extended to the comments part also.
  3. Suggestion: Export Blog feed to Google News

    Very poor grammar there, basically, if this option is approved then ideally it should allow the option for both blogs and forums to export to a google sitemap xml file....(Which blog/forum/forums are specified in the admin control panel)
  4. Hi, Many people use their Blog to produce news and interesting things like that, many would like to be published to Google News, which only expects Sitemaps in a special Google News XML. Any chance you could incorporate the option to do this? Also, might want to pass on the idea to allow administrators to select certain forums (Which they use a sa news forum) - to export to Google News XML as well? Cheers.
  5. Hi, A couple of users on my forum have noted it's frustrating that when they get status update notifications, that there's no physical link to take them to the status conversation, is this something you could think about adding into the notification please?
  6. Banner Advertisements: title=""

    Hi, If adding a static banner via the upload method, it would be nice to be able to add hover/title text for this (Not using alt) - but title="" - are you able to add an option for this please in the next release? Thanks
  7. Feature Request: Pay-to-Post

    This has also been requested a few times, some of which....
  8. Hi, Currently we are limited to the drop down of options specified by Nexus... I'd actually like the ability to create my own "Zone" and insert the code into a template where I see fit. So you'd probably need a new area under advertisements called "custom Zones" or something to that effect.Step 1: Banner placement name: [Submit] ......................Step 2: Then it generates the code to add into your templates e.g.Thanks, Please place the followig code in your templates:{$BannerIDZone23} Then there's always the option to edit/delete/get code again from the new "Custom Zones" section. This new zone will now be selectable with the other areas/zones when creating a new banner. - Simples! Cheers.
  9. Feature Request: Pay-to-Post

    Hi, Can we integrate a "Pay-to-Post" a thread feature? So in specified forums, a member has to put a "Post Credit" to post where we set the cost. Cheers
  10. Hi, I think it's nice to have the "Tagging & Prefixes" under one roof, but where it falls is that you may only want certain prefix's available... for example: Classifieds Forum - Only Available Prefixes - "For Sale", "For Rent", "Looking For" etc etc - Hyperphetically speaking I may only want these, I would not want people to be able to start a forum with "Apple", "Gaddafi" or "Pear" etc etc - not good...and irrelevant.. Can I suggest Prefixes have some control/definible per Forum/category basis please? Cheers,
  11. IPB - Just move to jQuery! ;)

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      would make things much easier

  12. Just launched Templates & Code Store over @ WDF - http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/files/

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  13. Hi, Could there be options for the referal commissions please. Suggestions: Cookie duration [x days, x weeks, x months] Valid for New customers only [yes/no] New purchases only [yes/no] Repeat purchases on same cookie [yes/no] Cheeers
  14. Hi, Are they repeat commissions? e.g. if the same refered user buys a second or third item does the refer get commission on those items as well? Thanks