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  1. Hi, A couple of users on my forum have noted it's frustrating that when they get status update notifications, that there's no physical link to take them to the status conversation, is this something you could think about adding into the notification please?
  2. Hi, I think it's nice to have the "Tagging & Prefixes" under one roof, but where it falls is that you may only want certain prefix's available... for example: Classifieds Forum - Only Available Prefixes - "For Sale", "For Rent", "Looking For" etc etc - Hyperphetically speaking I may only want these, I would not want people to be able to start a forum with "Apple", "Gaddafi" or "Pear" etc etc - not good...and irrelevant.. Can I suggest Prefixes have some control/definible per Forum/category basis please? Cheers,
  3. IPB - Just move to jQuery! ;)

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    2. .Peter


      @Charles *Like*

    3. .time


      But we're all Prototyped up in here.

    4. xCurlyx


      would make things much easier

  4. Just launched Templates & Code Store over @ WDF - http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/files/

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    2. #AC


      Lovin your skin.

    3. WebbyB


      Cheers Arron, tried to keep it nice and clean as the masthead is so busy!!

    4. #AC


      Check! :D

  5. Hi, Are they repeat commissions? e.g. if the same refered user buys a second or third item does the refer get commission on those items as well? Thanks
  6. Made a "New Files" header box for all downloads inc. Hover-over effect! http://www.webdesignerforum.co.uk/

    1. Black-Elmo


      Love the skin

    2. WebbyB


      Thank you :)

  7. Gallery 4 - Structural Changes

    This will be great for WDF and showcasing :) Nice work :)
  8. Hi, I've seen plenty of Mod's for this, but could you consider please being able to have a members reputation viewable within the member info panel on all posts/topics please?
  9. Have Redesigned IPB over @ www.webdesignerforum.co.uk - Let me know what you think. :)

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    2. WebbyB


      @soniceffect - LOL, indeed - *Blush*

    3. Aisha


      Very nice and clean

    4. WebbyB


      Thank you CDkey, appreciated :)

  10. Topic Prefixes - Are they coming or not?

    YES! - Please consider this as standard (Not an add-on) Allow admins to define: What member groups can use them what forums can they be used in define colours/style of each prefix
  11. Currently re-skinning my install of IPB - making it more 2011!

  12. IP.Board 3.2.0: New Photo Editor

    He's so vain..... ;)
  13. Great, let's hope they do :)