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  1. I would like to have the choice if the members can read the warning logs or not or if the link is even displayed to others than mods or admins. We use this more to be aware what other mods aer thinking about this user and what to watch out for. The way it is now this is totally useless for us.
  2. Feature Request: Display prices inc. VAT

    In germany you must specify that all prices are including VAT and you MUST have the amount of VAT displayed in the invoice so this is essential! Why not assuming that the customer is from your country at first (if he has not entered a location already) and then, if he enters a excempted location during checkout, change the value to "no VAT". Include a setting that says "Show prices with VAT" so you can turn VAT display on or off as you have to by your local law. The way it is now i cannot use NEXUS without getting a lot of lawyers on my poor ass.