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  1. Status update via Mobile skin ?

    Great, the renewal fee is needed for updates only ?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know if there is a solution for a member to update his status via mobile skin ? (via another mobile skin or mod, or something else... for mobile) Thanks !
  3. Filters for the View New Content ?

    You're right, sorry ! ;)
  4. Filters for the View New Content ?

    Thank you ! Unfortunately, I did all the required actions, but I got no "Block forums" in the "Forums" tab of the profile's parameters.
  5. Filters for the View New Content ?

    Hi, where can I find this mod ?
  6. Hi, Would it be possible for each member to have a filter for the "View New Content" link, in order to choose which forums they want to see with this functionnality ?
  7. Reputation system : limit usage

    Ok, thanks ! :)
  8. Reputation system : limit usage

    Excuse me, I'm not sure of what you mean ?
  9. Reputation system : limit usage

    Ok, I will think about that, thanks ;)
  10. Reputation system : limit usage

    Thanks ;) That's what I thought for the new member's prohibition to give reputation points, affect new members to a special group. How can I choose a special group to put the new members in it (and they will be move in the "member" group after X posts) ? We suggest me to turn off negative rep too, but I think it's a bad idea. As I answered to that, for example, imagine a member that will have many positive rep points, very often. And one day, nobody knows why, many of his posts became bad... very bad. So, he deserves negative rep points ! but it's impossible... and so, even if his posts became "bad", he will always have a good reputation...
  11. Private chat

    Hi, Would it possible in the future to run a private chat like this way (without being in the public chat) : . See if our friends are online in the bottom of the page (like Facebook), in order to choose one or several to run a chat ? . Run a private chat just by clicking on the name of a member, on the IPB home page for exemple in the "actives users", or by going to the profile of a member ?
  12. Hi, The reputation system is a good idea, but unfornately, some members don't use it correctly. For example, if a member doesn't like another member, he can set several bad reputation points to this person in the same minute. Another example, a new account, even with no posts, can use this system (so if a member really doesn't like someone, he can create several accounts to use the reputation system on the poor member). Si, would it be possible to : . Prohibit members with less than XX posts to use the system ? . Set a delay between two identical reputation points (he can set a + and a - in the same time, but not " - - - -",...) ? Thanks !
  13. IP.Board 3.1 Dev Update: Auto parsing of URLs strengthened

    Nice job ! In France, we often use as Youtube, would it be possible to make available this function for this website ?