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  1. had a dream BGarcia made me a free skin and design

  2. You need to have an active license. Perhaps it has to do with this:
  3. Even though this is not my ticket I personally feel that waiting 6 months for a ticket like this to be resolved is absurd. Were you given a ETA?
  4. Please, be more logical

    App or apps is short for applications.
  5. Please, be more logical

    Harsh. I was simply going off of what Brandon said. If that is possible, then I apologize.
  6. Please, be more logical

    Ok. As he said it is not possible at current to have that in more than one language. I'm sure they will have it compatible in a future release. In the mean time I would use the language that the majority of your members speaks.
  7. Please, be more logical

    According to Brandon you can set it to one language. I took a look at your forum and it looks to be in Romanian. Why can you not just edit the titles in Manage Applications?
  8. link to licence terms?

    The license terms can be found at
  9. There is also, just thought it be fair to mention them as well. Both products have their advantages.
  10. It doesn't look like there is a IP.Board license with the website hosting. Community hosting packages sure are limited though.. ;)