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  1. SV Auto Meta Description

    Version 1.0


    Avoid identical meta descriptions on all of your topics and forums! This hook supports you in SEO by replacing default meta description with automaticly retrieved description snippet from topic's post, forum's description and member's profile. Benefits:More unique Meta DescriptionsReduces Duplicate ContentRespects PermissionsShows global Description when user/guest has no access to topic or forumFallback RoutineApps or Areas currently not supported (e.g. Gallery) will show global Meta DescriptionNo Settings, plugin follows latest SEO recommendations and decides for best way for optimization.Installation:Download File and unzip XML fileGo to Admin CP -> Manage Hooks -> Install Hook.Upload downloaded XML FileDeinstallation:Go to Admin CP -> Manage HooksClick on Arrow Menu for Hook and select "Uninstall Hook"


  2. Version 1.0


    Redirect Script for vBulletin Album images to IP.gallery images is a script which redirects from old vBulletin Album images to new IP.gallery images. This script will save you hundreds of hours for converting these links manually. It's made for redirecting image-links or image-source-tags, as IP.board converter does not take care for these URLs. In Short, your benefits:Redirect Script saving you up to hundreds of hours of manual work!No changes on your Database (read only queries)! Requirements:Currently, vBulletin 4.x is supported only.modrewrite is required for .htaccess redirects.Installation:Copy directory "sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects" into your board's root directory.Open the directory within your browser via http://YOUR_BOARD_URL/sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects/Add the shown .htaccess code at the top of your .htaccess file in your board's root directoryUninstallation:Revert Changes to .htaccess fileDelete directory http://YOUR_BOARD_URL/sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects/How does it work:The script looks for the old image ID saved by IPB converter script. ID was found? great, redirect to new image URL.If the ID wasn't found (or saved under "you'll never find it"), the script will perform a search based on old filename. If lucky, the first entry found will be used.Known Issues:The script cannot find images which cannot be found even by ID or a search query. Please be aware that there could be a small amount of images which cannot be retrieved. Unfortunately, these cannot be fixed by this script, as this is an issue of improperly converted images from vb albums.Sometimes, other filetypes than images are placed within image tags, this is an issue by the IPB conversion script. If you see broken images, please check first wether e.g. a PDF file is embed within image tags. Just change BBcode in post for that file to solve that issue. At least you don't have to manually search for the new file link.


  3. License Question - sub-directories of one domain

    Hi Ken, thanks for quoting my topics, but in the meanwhile, when reviewing my points, I'd say that there are some specific cases where the master/slave system of IP:connect could be better than the "all master/all sync" way of my plugin. There isn't only one way to reach a target. Thats why I'm going to develop an IP:connect master application in future, allowing to manage and sync the userbase of different boards and maybe additionally WordPress installations. In your specific case I'd strongly recommend using my IPBWI for WordPress plugin with a single IP.board installation. It will be required to enhance IPBWI for WordPress for supporting synced usergroups (maybe incl. secondary groups management, depending on your payment system). Yeah it would cost a few hundred EUR, but on the long run, you'd get a smooth solution for your business. Finally, I'd say Invision Power is providing all tools and API/function-access to allow deep integration, but I would never demand providing out-of-the-box plugins for other systems from IPS. Kind regards, Matthias
  4. Can IP Content really be used in place of WordPress?

    You may try out IPBWI for WordPress allowing fully synced comment section between WordPress and IP.board. Old WP comments are still displayed on WP (without syncing them to IP.board), but new comments will be saved within IP.board and displayed on WordPress. That feature also includes full control of displaying that comment list through admin panel and theme files.
  5. Integration between IPB and a website

    Yeah, of course IPBWI is still maintenanced and I'd say IPBWI is still a popular addon, Brandon. ;) Everything the topic author asked can be done rapidly via IPBWI or through IP.board framework directly. IPBWI actually uses parts of IP.board framework as much as possible to avoid redundant code for tasks already done. There are many users integrating IPBWI within IP.board itself because they are more comfortable with my API than with IP.board's framework - but that's a question of taste, only. See documentation page of IPBWI or live examples for more information about the possibilities.
  6. IP.Content "Databases" vs. "wp-types" (Wordpress)

    That's correct. I'm the author of IPBWI / IPBWI for WordPress and the reason for the high prices actuallky is the effort for keeping up compatibility between IP.board and WP. I'm maintanencing the IP.board bridge since many years and have customers counting on that for their business. I've made many custom development work based on WordPress and IP.board. I'd still say the best combination on a long run would be WordPress <- IPBWI -> IP.board. I'd not recommend buddypress when you want to manage a big community, you'll depend on many third party plugins to get about half of IP.board features by loosing much performance, stability and flexibility. Additionally, IP.board is still one of the best performance and security optimized bulletin softwares on the market - combined with IPBWI containing the most flexible API-bridge. Woocommerce is a great basic shopping plugin for WordPress and with IPBWI for WordPress it is possible to show WordPress widgets in IP.board sidebar. I thought about integration of IP.nexus features into my API to make IP.nexus features (e.g. create new product, cart view, list products, product details, add products to cart, order etc.), because I think that would be a nice benefit for users of IPBWI and IPBWI for WordPress. Unfortunately, there's currently a too small usergroup using IP.nexus asking for that, so I decided spending my development time to more requested features. Additionally, IP.nexus is far away from a user friendly frontend per default, pricing options are very limited and there is a lack of optimization based on different countries. I'd not recommend IP.nexus for a retail shop selling products online. But as small solution for selling digital goods or for member promotion, IP.nexus could be a good decision. Finally, I'd say it makes sense to combine different specialized software through an API. You should make sure that there is ongoing support for all applications you plan to use. Summarized: IP.board is the best choice for your community WordPress is the best choice for your content being published Both, Woocommerce and IP.nexus actually are very limited and far away from an enterprise eCommerce system like oxid eSales or shopware.
  7. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

  8. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

      Yeah, it's on my todo, but at the moment I can not give you an ETA for that feature.
  9. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

    Hi,   please use official support forum for questions and requests, because that's the best channel to get a rapid answer.   http://straightvisions.com/community/   Kind regards,   Matthias
  10. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

    Hi Max,   this is one of the key features of IPBWI for WordPress. IPBWI for WordPress is the out-of-the-box plugin-bridge between IP.board and WordPress, based on the IPBWI API. See all features on http://ipbwi.com/products/   You can purchase it here: http://straightvisions.com/community/store/category/1-ipbwi-products/   Kind regards,   Matthias
  11. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect

    Hi, that sounds great - and I'm looking forward testing it. As developer of IPBWI I'm already providing a free, GPL licensed Single Sign On API for IP.board and with IPBWI for WordPress there is a plugin for WordPress. At the moment there is a crowdfunding project for Drupal Single Sign On plugin with IP.board Mark from Invision Power is right that IP.converge wasn't the best solution as SSO API, in my opinion it was kinda useless and it was not well maintenanced. So I'm very happy about the new feature promise for IP.board 3.4. At the moment, when customers ask me integrating a SSO solution, IP.board (or IPBWI) needs to be the "master". I hope the new feature will be more flexible as promised in the news above, so I am able to enhance the already existing SSO feature in IPBWI. Unfortunately, Invisionpower is not granting all plugin authors access to alpha/beta versions of board, so I'll need to wait until final is released - that's really bad when I want to use the new feature or prepare my API until new IP.board release is out. But that's another story of Invision Power Community Support :-/ Kind regards, Matthias
  12. IPB and Wordpress

    IPBWI as API is licensed to GPL and for free. IPBWI for WordPress is an out-of-the-box WordPress plugin - easiest way to sync board and wordPress, but it costs. more information: http://ipbwi.com
  13. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

    Version 3.6.3


    IPBWI is the most powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for IP.board. Feel free to build own, unique applications and connect your website to your Invision Power Board.License: GPL 3Please note that there is a non-free WordPress plugin based on IPBWI which allows IP.board integration into WordPress out-of-a-box.FeaturesIPBWI supports to load IP.board’s Rich-Text-Editor on your website to give your user’s best experience by using the following features of IPBWI:Member Management:CreateLoginLogoutInfoUpdateview photoupdate photoDeleteNumber of new Postspipsiconrandom listonline listMember Groups:ViewCheckChangegetListcreateupdatelistMemberGroupsForums:Infoget all subforumsget category listTopics:InfoListRateCreateEditPosts:InfoListCreateEditPolls:Infovotedtotal votesid2topicidvotenullVotecreatedeletePrivate Messages:getListinfosendreplymovedeletespaceUsagenumNewPMsnumTotalPMsnumFolderPMsgetFoldersfolderAddfolderRenamefolderFlushfolderDeletefolderExistsfolderid2nameblockContactblockedListisBlockedAttachments:InfoListReplacing Post Vars (now works with Topic Lists, too)Custom Profile Fields:viewlistupdatecustomFieldValuePermission Control:is adminis logged inis supermodis readableis postableis startableis downloadableis uploadableget readableget postableget startableget downloadableget uploadablecreateConverting Features:membersname2idid2namedisplayname2idid2displaynameemail2idtopicstitle2idid2titleforumsname2idbbcodebbcode2htmlSkins:ListInfoChangeReports:getListcreateSystem Informations:about your current IPBWI, Board and PHP installationboard statsmembers activity statsfor IP.gallery ApplicationgetViewablegetLatestListgetAllSubscatListinfofor IP.downloads ApplicationgetViewablegetListCategoriesgetListfor IP.calendar ApplicationgetViewablegetListCategoriesgetList


  14. IP.Board Standard License and Conversion Sale

    Hi Brandon,that's great, thx :)Kind regards,Matthias
  15. IP.Board Standard License and Conversion Sale

    Hi,what about Perpetual License owners? I mean IP.Board 3 should be available for them, too as part of the lifetime-update access?Kind regards,Matthias