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  1. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Having the same problem.  Quick jump to any letter for a member name does not work.  Shows ALL view.  Bug confirmed on 3.4.7 with the path applied.
  2. Specific Forum Ban?

    Is there a way to ban members from specific forums (not in a static member group restriction type way). So basically a moderation feature to ban members dynamically from forums. I think this would help with members trolling specific areas that may have good interaction elsewhere on forums. Feature suggestion if there is not a way now :smile:.
  3. IPB 3.3.1 GDK?

    Simple question; is there one (like older releases had for photoshop) to help us generate all icons/graphics with new color schemes, etc.. Thanks!
  4. 3.3.1 seems to be out on this forum... that was fast.
  5. Actually about 75 are marked as confirmed and/or fixed and rolled into 3.3.1. That is pretty high still.
  6. I guess that's my immediate concern. It's good that many bugs are being found and closed (to be fixed in 3.3.1). It would be interesting to see a plot of bugs reported (and confirmed) by release number. I think the plot would give a good idea when things are stable. Right now there are about 140 bugs reported by members in the tracker for 3.3.0... a bit high for me to jump quite yet.
  7. Like I am sure many large forum folks I am waiting for the first rev after this update to upgrade myself. So the question is, how is the initial feedback and trouble ticket situation looking in the tracker? Will the first minor rev be weeks (I can wait; just curious)?
  8. FURL - IPS intends to fix this?

    So if I were an evil person then I would write a script to basically repeatedly query that url and increment the post number, collecting topic titles. I would log all that came back with the "restricted" message in the html body but save the title tag. I could use that data to collect what otherwise was likely considered private information. Seems like an issue.
  9. FURL - IPS intends to fix this?

    You can also do it with topics too which seems much faster because searching by posts results in listing many topics and over over (multiple posts per topic): that said I searched until I hit a "do not have permission" with the above and it did not give me the new furl with the topic title. Maybe it has been fixed?
  10. FURL - IPS intends to fix this?

    It could be an issue, in my mind. If in my moderator forum we have a topic labeled, "XYZ users complaint about ABC user stalking them"... the expectation is this topic is private, but if the topic title can be seen by members without permissions this would be a bad thing. The work around in my mind is to either notify people that this is possible and to not post sensitive info in topic titles (IPB would need to announce this or put in the product docs) or when redirecting do a permission check on the forum_id that the topic is in before doing the rewrite.
  11. 3.1 Support EOL

    Pretty please (if that helps). There are always more bugs in .x releases than after the first maintenance release .x.y (where y is 1). It is a huge deal to upgrade with the skin changes so I really hate to update and then have lots of bugs and need to wait until the .x.1 release. On a seperate note, are there any furl (or URL) changes in general between 3.1.x and 3.3.x that will effect SEO or indexed pages in general? I have a large set of redirects in place to handle the last major change from 2.x to 3.x and I am hoping within the 3.x series there wont be anything major. Can you confirm either way? Thanks.
  12. 3.1 Support EOL

    Will there be enough overlap between 3.3 and EOL 3.1 so we can upgrade directly to 3.3 (and potentially 3.3.1 -- bugfix of intial issues)?
  13. EOL timeline for 3.1.x? Planning Purposes.

    Thank you. Fingers crossed on at least 3-6 months.
  14. EOL timeline for 3.1.x? Planning Purposes.

    Excellent. Will this be the case again (roughly)?
  15. EOL timeline for 3.1.x? Planning Purposes.

    Will we get a certain heads up (time period). Say 2-3 months before hand so we can plan accordingly?