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  1. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    This is a very versatile skin - possibly one of the most versatile skins I've seen, to date. I applaud your creative ingenuity, Ajouz - well done. :)
  2. Linked Accounts

    Absolutely love this mod for my RPG board. Great job!
  3. Minimum words/characters allowed in posts

    Well, 3.4.x is here, and no such update, so... back to the drawing board? Is someone willing to develop such a mod, for Free? ;)
  4. Live. Love. Laugh.

  5. Live. Love. Laugh.

  6. LOTR is Lord Of The Rings :P

  7. Ya, it's an old sig and I need to change it. :)
    The other client sent me a PM and was already replied to. ;)

  8. One more: you wrote in signature "available for freelance work". On my board one user want new skin. Also you know about other client. What about that work?

  9. LOTR? What it is? ?:)

  10. LOL Now I feel like I'm The One Ring from LOTR. ;) x.x

  11. Hello my precious ! :)

  12. Aha, kogo ja tu widze....! :D

  13. Tutorials

  14. Russian Lang Pack for ICGallery

  15. Russian Lang Pack for ICBlog