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  1. Please allow apostrophes in tags!

    Again: You crash the functionalty of the whole tag system! I understand the need to ban special characters, but the apostrophe is a vital part of names and word combinations like "mother's recipe" etc.
  2. Yeah well - but nobody can do anything against those, can they? A human spammer is a burden you have to live with in the internet. IPS is not guilty in this case and can't stop this from happening...
  3. Have you tried a Question & Answer Challenge? You can access this option under ACP -> Tools & Settings. Should help against most bots!
  4. Show all comments by a certain member

    It is not. Hell, I would say: A bug!
  5. Show all comments by a certain member

    No, you can't... Have you tried this with your own comments? There are shown every comment from every member to your blog entries, but not the comments only you have made. Which is pretty useless...
  6. Show all comments by a certain member

    I thought, the new comment system, which was establiahed last year, is a centralized one... For me it would suffice, that I can sort out the blog comments per member. I mean, you can't even search for comments by a certain user in a certain application :( At least that is something IP should add as a standard feature!
  7. I have tested it with this entry. Google Blog Search won't find this entry. The ping service of IP.Blog seems broken!
  8. Is there or will be there an option, to show all comments by a certain member?
  9. Entry image: Restrictions please!

    That's right!
  10. Entry image: Restrictions please!

    No one else have this problem??? :no:
  11. The entry image in IP.Blog 2.5 is a nice feature, but the possibilities to control it are non-existent. My users can upload images of every filesize and dimensions! That is not good... please add some options to the ACP (best member group wise) to restrict what files can be uploaded!
  12. Bring back Dynamic Headers please

    Yes, I used the function exactly the same way and it worked fine. As long as you can choose to deactivate it, I see no problem with it.
  13. According to this apostrophes should not be part of tags. I understand that certain special characters should not be part of tags. But many names contain apostrophes. And names are used very often as tags. So please revert that! :ohmy:
  14. Nobody? Am I the only one struggling with this...?