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  1. Feature request...

    Hello, I think it would be very good to be able to set minimum width/height of images to be uploaded to the gallery. Greets, Tom
  2. Any chance IP.Subscriptions decision will be reversed?

    OK - Michael has taken it over. But it is not an official "Invision Power Services, Inc." product any longer... ...and we just install and use official "Invision Power Services, Inc.". Due to urgent support we might need... We thought about update our stuff to "Business License" etc. But discontinue "IP.Subscriptions" as official "Invision Power Services, Inc." application is the killer argument for us. Ok, you may say now: get IP.Nexus... We have it - but we will not use it, because it is encoded. And due to your company policies we do not use encoded stuff on productive websites. Greets, Tom
  3. Any chance IP.Subscriptions decision will be reversed?

    IP.Subscriptions was the main reason why we bought IPB years ago... Now Invision will not continue to develop the software officially? Do I see this right? Sorry, but after spending so much money here and the main feature we use in our forum, I guess we will have to switch the forum software. Greets, Tom
  4. IP.Board Classic Blue 1.0