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  1. MineCraft

      Not really. Download newest version of IPB > Paste over your images > Update skin complete. 10 minutes tops. 
  2. Hey man, I LOVE your themes! I want to make a offer to you. If you send me your blue gaming theme and it functions, I will immediately pay you. I run a 3.2 IP board setup, so I am hesitant on paying money for a theme that may not work. :)

    1. VelocityXCI


      Sorry, I don't operate that way. All themes on the marketplace are tested by the staff here to make sure they work. Sending a skin before payment seems like a great way to not be paid at all.

    2. EJRav3n


      Hahaha, who the hell does this fool think he is... send me a skin and then I pay you??? What country this his scumbag come from?

  3. MineCraft

      I'll be honest I find that hard to be believe. It simply looks like the default IPB skin with a different header, tabs, category image and background. The CSS looks untouched from the default, which means you could probably mock that skin up in about 20 minutes. I don't mean to sound harsh I really don't, just giving my honest opinion, If I am wrong I apologize. 
  4. How are you? Would you be willing to make a skin for our site?

  5. MineCraft

      and that warrants a renewal term? :s If it's your first skin you should be offering it at a small price with no renewal term to get the ball rolling, not the other way around. Just some advice. 
  6. MineCraft

    The renewal term seems pretty ridiculous, especially since this is literally the IPB default theme with different colours and banner.