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  1. That is a great idea, as people who pay, are less likely to be spammers.
  2. req: domain/subdomain option, auto .htaccess

    Ooo, thank you for splitting this in to its own thread. So ideally after the .htaccess auto code has been cut and pasted to the .htaccess file on my server, then each user has a nice, etc... memorable address to pass out.
  3. What I am looking for is really to get, to point to my members blogs, and for the blog to run under that address. It would be great it there was an option to turn this on, in the blog software, which then auto creates a .htaccess, with optional configurations to define domain, and subdomain etc... which then allows us to cut and paste. This would make my users much happier as it would be easier for them to share!
  4. IPB Subscriptions

    I like the idea, i've downloaded this but need help with the following question. I would like to force every new member to pay for a subscription, I would not like to have to charge every existing member. I would like to do this as a deterrent to multiple account registration. Currently, if I enable all new members to get a subscription, all existing members need to pay. Can you help?