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  1. Recover deleted posts,

    Anyone willing to make a plugin for a soft delete like in 3.4? I'll chip in $100 (or more if needed) to any dev thats interested. 
  2. Thumbnail layout in IP3 was better than IP4

    +1 on this. We are an image community and it makes pages endlessly long. 
  3. [Suggestion] Image stream

    Would be cool idea, probabaly a plugin request though rather then part of the core. But either way I would be interested. 
  4. Recover deleted posts,

    Where does one see the new Saved Action? If I click on a post "Options" or the little checkbox at the top right, I dont see any action I created. Sorry for my stupidity but can you post some screenshots? thanks. 
  5. How to speed up the Background Processes?

    I too have 5mil posts and upgraded last week. So a couple of things, first I increased the values of the content per cycle its doing in the applications/core/extensions/core/Queue folder. Also in MySQL ensure that you have query cache enabled as it does the same queries over an over. Same with PHP opcache (same script is executed each cycle). And finally just make sure you run it via Cron and not the UI.  Took exactly a week to finish rebuilding everything (during which my users were pretty pissed off, and some still are as there are some issues to iron out) 
  6. This site, Activity taking 8-10 seconds to load

    Is there a way to change the default? On my forum it just times out (600+ seconds) for a lot of our users. Im assuming its doing since the beginning of time thing. Perhaps if we just set it since last visit it would be better.     
  7. Avatar size won't change with 4.1

    Thanks this helped me out too!
  8. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    +1 Search is always been the biggest pain for my users
  9. Mandrill is very cool!
  10. Mandrill is very cool!

    Mandrill is very cool, I hated having to setup postfix every time I changed servers or failed over to the backup. Although this is added expense, I blew through the 12k limit in 3 days :sad: Damn you IPB *shakes fist* :D
  11. Host external pictures

    *cough* *cough* I also posted my job on Elance, it got more responses there, its going to cost me about $1,000 to do it, but once its done I will release the code to everyone. They say 50 hours, so 2 weeks or so. I have 500gb images uploaded to my website, im guessing after downloading all the external ones ill have a lot more (probably 10x the number). We shall see.
  12. Nginx Rewrite rules for IPB 3.0

    Did you ever see this thread? There are a bunch of configs available and using caching which is the main benifit IMO of switching from Apache to Ngninx. Maybe you could add your findings in there. http://community.inv...che/page__st__0
  13. 3.3 Suggestion: Varnish support

    Were you able to get it running on 3.3.x? I tried setting it up but kept on getting "Miss" on the index as a guest. I would love to see your config for varnish. Thanks
  14. Being able to add weight to particular fields would make a huge difference for us: +1
  15. Tell warned users how to acknowledge their warning

    This really is needed. We were testing this feature with the other admins and we had to google to figure out how to acknowledge.