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  1. Bitcoins

    Not niche anymore: ;) Guys, consider integrating Bitcoin natively in Nexus please. It would be great also to be able to pay for IPB licenses and marketplace items in Bitcoin. Very needed.
  2. Classifieds

    I can only agree with many of the critic comments about this application. Needs more support and updates. Customers are not happy, for a reason.    Hopefully Andy will have time soon to re-take it once IPB4 is out, and adapt it to work in the new IPB version, with more added features.
  3. Bitcoins

    I definitely support this petition. Bitcoin is the future and it should be in Nexus.
  4. Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)

    Matthias, any plans to include Tags in the topic module? I really, really need this feature.   Thanks
  5. European Union cookie law. Yes another topic!

    Have you tried these?
  6. Classifieds

    Looking forward 1.3 to purchase. Keep up the good work!
  7. Duplicate Members Logger

    Fantastic app, worth the price. Thank you!
  8. Warning points : how to correct a mistake?

    I'm also interested in this. Haven't seen any option to edit/remove warnings...
  9. Transfer credit between users

    Nice workaround, but I'd still prefer a more solid system to allow user to user payments using account balance that can be recharged. Hope IPS consider it for the next revision of Nexus. Incorporating this feature would greatly boost the capabilities and therefore the target market for this software. And as I said should be quite simple to do.
  10. 3.4.0 beta?

    Beta 3!! When can we expect a public release??
  11. Transfer credit between users

    I would really need to see this feature integrated in IP.Nexus: Currently, the user's credit can only be used against purchases in the store. What if it could also be transferred to another user? It would work great for small payments between users in the board and would open a inmense field of applications for your current customers. Kind of like a "Wallet" the user can put money in, to shop in Nexus and also trade with other users. I'd like to hear other's opinions, but for me this would be simply great and at first glance does not seem extremely hard to implement.
  12. Switch to IPS

    It would greatly help to know what "will be released soon" means. If developers are trying to plan their next moves, or even a switch, it is absolutely necesary to have at least an estimation of when the next version will be out. Al least a rough timeframe... This way we migh be putting lots of work in a system that will be outdated and require updating (skins, mods, ...) very shortly. Wasted time. It would also be good to hear about skin changes and so. Would we need to make it all over again in 3.4? Thanks
  13. Memory