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  1. desti added a post in a topic IPB 3.1.5 ever coming?   

    U are NOT M$ and never become them. If I develop an application or hook to order, I rectify errors if they are, instead of I suggest the user to wait, while I will think up the new version. It's how my software works.

    I don't ask about 3.1.5, I ask about update and bugfix for 3.1.4. For me and other customer, who doesn't want to be a member of your "racing team".
    I've paid money and since November (3.1.4.) fix your errors by yourself. I can, you can't?

    By the way, run open poll:
    1. I want have patches for current version.
    2. I am ready to use version with bugs and ready to wait for the following version.

    And will see a counter of "most of our customers want us to keep pressing forward" on our display.
  2. desti added a post in a topic IPB 3.1.5 ever coming?   

    How it's work? I have downloaded board_3.1.4 on 18.11.2010, download it's today and run file compare. Found 2 (two) minor differences - in ipsRegistry.php and comments/bootstrap.php. It's all bugfix from november or bugs in my compare soft?

    Kventz, i'm IPB coder/application developer, don't send me to support forums or peer to peer, i can answer to any question and solve any problem with IPB, it's my small busines.

    If bug was found, it should be immediately eliminated by the developer. Not in the new version, in the current!

    About whom you now speak? New features?? 95% forum users never press anything more complex than "Reply' and "New topic".
    For support and "polish" current version enough one developer. All other can create new bugs in new version.
  3. desti added a post in a topic IPB 3.1.5 ever coming?   

    I use IPB since 2.3.1 and never saw completely working and "bug-free" release! I pay money, but what I have? I finance your lovely hobby or buy software?

    I don't want next 3.2.x (full of new bugs), i want working 3.1.4, want patches for each found error, want "fixed in 3.1.4"!!! I ready to apply patches every day and every hour, but not ready to search for your errors and to correct them.

    I already hate 3.2.х because I represent, how many new problems there will appear! I want to have a rest from IPB, I want to receive release which works!

    You have arranged "race", trying not to lag behind competitors, but buyers and users of a boards suffer from it.

    Excuse for my English.
  4. desti added a topic in Product Feedback   

    User title for (parse replacement)
    {parse replacement="image"}

    {parse replacement="image" title="user title"}
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  5. desti added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Search classes - old style load via require_once...
    in controller.php..
    Change to LoadLibrary(), please!
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  6. desti added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Feature request - new file storage system
    I have over 3Gb monthly uploads, original IPB storage system isn't convenient!
    I make my own storage system, but each updating of the forum version it's necessary to waste time on modification of a large quantity of files.

    Please, make universal storage!

    My idea (it's work on my forum):

    All uploads in uploads/monthly*/ , no other special dirs

    Under monthly* dirs - system & component dirs:
    (based on $type from class_attach)

    /monthly/post (image, thumb)
    /monthly/profile (avatars, photos, bg's)
    /monthly/gallery (image, med, thumb)

    Under every components dir - subdirs for images, thumb, screenshots..
    Directory setup - in ACP for all components in one settings group.

    Only two functions in core:
    One returns array of dirs based on file upload time (or time()) and type ( i use IPSLib::getAppUploadPath($time, $type); ).
    One for creating new monthly directory structure (with check for installed components, i call it from scheduler in the end of month).

    Readable code

    $app_path = IPSLib::getAppUploadPath( $image['idate'], 'gallery' ); @unlink( $app_path['image'] . $image['masked_file_name'] ); @unlink( $app_path['thumb'] . $image['masked_file_name'] );

    No tn_, _med and other addition to file name, all file store as is.
    No superfluous records in db, one filename for all, thumb (med) saved as tinyint, not as filename, no dirname store.
    Easy search, easy backup, easy administration..
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  7. desti added a post in a topic Specify attachments directory   

    When monthly dir have over 3000 files and >1GB in one folder - storage structure is really need.. I rewrite all ipb application for my own storage structure.

    looks like:

    uploads profile avatar photo etc.. monthly_xx_xxxx post image thumb gallery image medium thumb msg etc..

    Easy backup, easy repair..
  8. desti added a post in a topic [Suggestion] 3.0 Application detail   

    1. And "just delete" application .js files from system js folder, coz app js folder only for ACP scripts?

    Sugg: add variable $this->settings['js_app_url'] for public mode, now it work in ACP only.

    2. (groups) $tabUsed = 2, clean ipb install. Bug??? ;)
  9. desti added a post in a topic [Suggestion] 3.0 Application detail   

    "Errr, they already are. "


    "Mods settings" - my tabs.
  10. desti added a topic in Product Feedback   

    [Suggestion] 3.0 Application detail
    1. Add to information.xml structure fields <langsgroups> </langsgroups> for deletion lang files (like <templatesgroups>).
    2. Change id structure (member_form.php & group_form.php) to tabtab-MEMBERS|[app_name] (checked, it works, but?)
    3. Place application tabs after already created system tabs.
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  11. desti added a post in a topic [3.0b5] Application & Modules   


    Technical support is not available for this beta software.

    It's not bug, can't use tracker.

    Ok, i shut up and wait version 3.0.5 Stable
  12. desti added a post in a topic [3.0b5] Application & Modules   



    applications/..../extentions/admin/member_form.php - number for new tab (id='tabtab-MEMBERS|X) - how to define the following X for id in my application? (and for groups too, id="tabtab-GROUPS|X)
  13. desti added a post in a topic [3.0b5] Application & Modules   

    The application structure (in ACP) is illogical.

    Application and module - abstract concepts, it's only folders and DB records, not php files.
    Sections - real php module with own logic (defaultsection), but there are no management methods in ACP for sections.

    Can be to make so?

    1. Create applications
    2. Create module set for application
    3. Create section sets for modules (names, description, defaults)
    4. Big button "Create base application structure" (folders, sections files with class sceleton, xml)

    Or the perl script and anything more is better?
  14. desti added a topic in Product Feedback   

    [3.0b5] Application & Modules
    Has tried to create simple test application (3 modules, 12 sections, ACP modules) all works, but the brain has broken :)

    Whether there will be changes in this module? Plans?
    Now it's necessary to do 90% of work by hands, there is no automation :(

    Q: On the System:System Settings there are two text links:

    * Import all APP XML Settings
    * Export all APP XML Settings

    On any tabs all settings are imported/exported, may be imp/exp settings from active tab only?
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  15. desti added a topic in Product Feedback   

    [IPB3b5] Admin - Manage Languages
    1. If try to create lang_pack via "Copy language pack" - no new directory created in cache/lang_cache.
    2. After search we get table with "Default Value" and "New Value" colunms, but there is no information in what word pack it's found. Whether probably to add colunm with link to pack?
    3. php close tag (?>) in lang files - it's not necessary?
    4. "Add new entry" from word pack dropdown menu - word pack name not copy to "Pack Name" field.
    5. Removal (delete) function is necessary for word and word pack.
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