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  1. Hey all - I'm looking to implement banner ads on my site through Nexus; I have dummy ones set up already but they are in every forum. There is a section in which I do not want them to appear - how can I accomplish that?
  2. A Few Chat Suggestions from An Extensive User

    I'd love a devoice button. We used to do a ton of moderated chats on IRC but can't on IP.Chat. Also, would like to make sure Admins are exempt from auto-kick.
  3. Chat needs idle kick

    I don't have a problem with the idle kick other than the fact that you can't exclude moderators from it - I want the ability to have my moderators sit in there so that chatters are on their best behavior. Is that something that can be implemented?
  4. IP.Chat 1.2.0 Dev Update: It's the Little Things That Matter

    I'm okay with the idle kick, however, will it be possible to make moderators exempt from that?