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  1. Any other issues, apart from that PM one? I'm still hesitating to upgrade   
  2. Any documentation on how to use Pages please? Have spent an hour playing with the demo but still haven't figured out how to create a minimal example page with two columns of articles.Thank you in advance. 
  3. Special Pricing: For How Long?

    I second this.
  4. First week with IPS4..

    You are right, but I have no choice. The experience of my forum users is more important (especially when I do not have a hosting server with a very good amount of resources). I "contributed" during betas and RCs, though
  5. First week with IPS4..

    I tested several beta and RC versions, and once upgraded my forum to RC but then decided to go back to 3.4.7. Now I'm happy with my decision  
  6. First week with IPS4..

    Waiting for a more stable and highly optimized 4.x version to renew my license
  7. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    ​I second this. Is it safe staying at 3.4.7?
  8. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    Just received a notification by email today, i.e. a week late. This is critical I think!
  9. Hello,Currently, 3 steps are needed for sharing a post in another post:Click on the share buttonCopy the link. This step is composed of smaller steps, depending on the habit of the user. Mine are: click on the link, press Ctrl+C.Go to the new post, Paste. I would like to suggest an improvement to this, which is essential given the high frequency of sharing posts:After clicking on the share button, the link is automatically selected and, better, copied to the clipboard.Super convenient!I'm looking forward to your upvotes  Regards.
  10. No posts here yet!

    Oh sorry I didn't see that. Just ignore this post.
  11. No posts here yet!

    Hello,Please see below.I understand why, but don't you think it would make more sense if "something" is (and should be) displayed here?  Regards.
  12. Might be useful for people who are in the same situation as me: I removed all followers for all members in the database:DELETE FROM ibf_core_follow WHERE follow_area='member';Regards.
  13. Adding YouTube videos

     Test.This is great