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  1. FYI: I'm using this addon as a temporary solution:  
  2. Hello, Right now we have to click two times to see the notifications. I suggest the following simplification (maybe for the Messages button as well). Regards.   
  3. Is there a built in portal?

    This plugin is exactly what you are looking for.
  4. Surprisingly, there's currently no such an option  Please search with the keywords "Notify me of replies" to see how much this feature is needed.
  5. And this is the reason, mate  
  6. You have a very strong point here.   
  7. Thanks, @Nathan Explosion! Actually I already have that plugin installed (have a look at Although it has limited functionality, it works pretty well. But the major concern is that when I edit a post, the code are not converted to (iframe) formulas.  
  8. Hello IPS 4 users and developers, We all know that since IPS 4.0, the Post Preview feature has been removed. I think Preview is always important, even for a WYSIWYG editor (I really don't feel "safe" when submitting a post without seeing how exactly it will be displayed  ). Wordpress, for example, has a WYSIWYG editor for years and I don't think they will remove the Preview function anytime in the future.  In my particular case: one of the forums I manage is a science forum (more specifically about applied maths and computer science), and we use a JavaScript library called MathJax to display math formulas. What it does is to convert "formula code" into "displayed formulas". For example, if I type: then I should get the following after submitting: Without the Preview option, the user cannot know if everything he's typed is correct (especially the formulas), until after they submitted the post. Preview is for me something of fundamental importance.  I have searched on this site and saw that some people had already asked for this (links below). My forum is in the minority, of course, but I hope other people here will have strong arguments so that we can together convince IPS to re-introduce this functionality. Best regards.   By @querschlaeger:   By @Geoffro73 and @rgf100: By @Bill Edwards and @Christopher Furlong:   By @Trevor Carey and @Alush:   By @Dennis_87:   By @Ammar Kucevic:  
  9. Any other issues, apart from that PM one? I'm still hesitating to upgrade   
  10. Any documentation on how to use Pages please? Have spent an hour playing with the demo but still haven't figured out how to create a minimal example page with two columns of articles.Thank you in advance. 
  11. Special Pricing: For How Long?

    I second this.
  12. First week with IPS4..

    You are right, but I have no choice. The experience of my forum users is more important (especially when I do not have a hosting server with a very good amount of resources). I "contributed" during betas and RCs, though
  13. First week with IPS4..

    I tested several beta and RC versions, and once upgraded my forum to RC but then decided to go back to 3.4.7. Now I'm happy with my decision  
  14. First week with IPS4..

    Waiting for a more stable and highly optimized 4.x version to renew my license