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  1. svit added a post in a topic What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?   

    I am missing the most:
    The ClassifiedsThe Member Map - doesn't seem to be upgraded anytime soonAt the same time and despite the above missing, I have already upgraded all our 5 sites to 4.X because of the numerous advantages of the new systems (mobile skins, translation tools, cleaner look, draganddrop functions, manipulation with hooks). All the upgrades went smoothly and only in one case I had to run a repair utility (emoticons lost)
  2. svit added a post in a topic Automated support response   

    As I said, it can be solved by a tick box, and no time would be wasted.
    As far as I remember for all the 10 or so years I am using IPS products, this was never required nor have I come across automated messages of this kind on any hot line helpdesks I am using.
  3. svit added a topic in Company Feedback   

    Automated support response
    I would like to take this opportunity to mention one item which has been on my mind for a long time now and which I feel should be improved. The automated responses on Client's tickets. 
    When a problem occurs on my presentation, usually after an upgrade, it is always an emergency, it may be that some hook stops displaying, or some links are missing etc. In such a case I raise a ticket immediately. Sometimes, due to the different time zones and when my tickets reaches the weekend, after 2 days of waiting a get a response. Guess what does the response say: "..thank you very much for you ticket.. and please make sure you have run the automatic repair utility in the ACP.. make sure you have provided the login credentials.." I have to admit I find this extremely disrespectful to the nature of the problem and to me as a Client. Please note, that the same text is already displayed to me when I am submitting the ticket and as such is completely useless. All I am left to do in such a case is to respond, that yes, I have run the tests and I haven't changed the credentials stored in the Client's area, and please proceed with addressing the problem. After another day someone from the support team starts actually working.
    I strongly recommend this practice is abandoned asap, I have discussed it with other admins, and it is not only me who feels it is disrespectful. If it is so important for you, the Helpdesk team, to know that we have done the tests etc., please leave a tick on field which we can tick prior to sending my tickets. Shortening the support response time is our utmost priority and should be yours as well.
    Hope this can be improved.
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  4. svit added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Latest posts hook improvement suggestion
    I was thinking of how to improve the recent topics/blogs hooks when positioned on the center position of the page. In the current scenario they are leaving a lot of empty space which doesn't look nice especially when on the top portion of the main page. Attached is my proposal how this could be improved. (don't know how to program it)

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  5. svit added a comment on a file Facebook Like Box   

    Are there any plans to have it 4.0 compliant as well? We are missing this block on our forums..
  6. svit added a post in a topic Pls bring back custom RSS feeds   

    Essential for me too.
  7. svit added a review on a file Current Version Info   

    It is a very practical Plugin, thank you very much for sharing it with us.
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  8. svit added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Recent Images hook - Not to be animated
    I wish there was an option for the Gallery Animated hook of the Recent Images not to be animated. The animation attracts too much of attention and I feel it is distruptive for our members. I would like to keep it without animation though, it is very nice and useful hook..
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  9. svit added a post in a topic Mass edit photo captions   

    I remember this function was present in the previous versions.. hope we will see it soon in 4.x too
  10. svit added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Mass edit photo captions
    I was unable to find out how, once uploaded, I could mass edit photo captions. E.g. if I need to change the copyright, do I have to open and close each photo separately?
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  11. svit added a post in a topic Cannot create albums in IP.Gallery   

    Same here,
    I was so desperate that I had to upload a fake image so that I could create an album, then move the needed pictures to the new album, and delete the fake image.
    This really seems to have been overlooked and needs to be fixed asap please.
  12. svit added a post in a topic Gallery 5.01 Feedback   

    I am using Social/Patchwork

    At present when being in the 'album view' and looking at the thumbnails of the photos, the admin has the option to tick them and chose action from a small pop-up window. At present those actions are Approve / Hide / Delete / Move - why not to have more actions such as 'Set as album Cover' or other. For us to be able to chose the album covers we have to do one more click to say 'edit album' and tick the option from there.
  13. svit added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Hook of the Calendars I follow
    Hello I think this would be a very useful hook. To display only the events of the calendars one is following. (!)
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  14. svit added a topic in IP.Gallery   

    Gallery 5.01 Feedback

    Being a loyal user of the gallery module for years I thought I should provide feedback on the latest 5.01 release. I have to say I consider the new release to be a very good step. The gallery feels more logical, easy to understand. We are using it for large databanks of photos as well as for rather smaller communities. Here are my few comments on features we would find useful and at present are missing:

    Main Gallery Page
    - Categories should have (optionally) a preview icon
    - Option to hide links to subcategories from the main page (long list is graphically disturbing)
    - Option to have displayed random images in the patchwork (Feature photos are useful though)

    - Option to mass select (e.g. by a tick box) and move/delete/edit categories/albums (it took us half a day to rearrange the albums after the upgrade, what if we need to switch on rating option for all albums?

    Album View
    - Highlight a Cover photo from the album vie (e.g. by tick and roll down menu, the current rolldown options are limited)
    - Drag and drop to rearrange photos within an album

    Forum View
    - Have back the option to show the latest photos thumbnails on the 'forums linking to albums'

    Thank you for the successful release, keep doing the great work!
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  15. svit added a post in a topic IP Gallery - It's driven us away from IPS to the competition   

    I too got to 500 server error after upgrading to the new gallery, as there was no apache error log available from my ISP and IP helpdesk werent able to help, I decided to revert both the files on server as well as the db backup to the state before the upgrade and requested IP helpdesk to upgrade the gallery themselves. Just an idea..