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  1. I think this has been discussed many times, yet today I checked and in it's still not fixed. Go to Calendar, Select specific Calendar, click Create Event .. here one would think we are "in the specific calendar" - instead we have to again select the specific calendar, so that the event is saved in it. This is very disturbing and I would really suggest it is fixed, so that members don't have to select the specific calendar twice.
  2. I am sorry if I missed something, but I was unable to find a Calendar-specific RSS export stream. What I can see is a summary of upcoming events, which doesn't serve the same purpose. I have tens of calendars (in my case for each country of our members) and I would need to have a separate RSS streams for each of the calendar (country) If not mistaken the calendar specific export stream used to be there in the previous version of Calendar.. 
  3. When publishing an announcement on the forums which contain hyperlinks it appears that after publishing the hyperlinks are being automatically removed - which is hindering the functionality of the announcement.  Since I have been advised by the helpdesk that this is intentional - I would like to ask it it is really something we want to have. Announcements without the links directing to particular chapters of the forum is only half-useful.
  4. Plugins - versions missing

    Yes and those are the 2 extra clicks I would like to save  In Applications the information is available straight away.
  5. It would be nice if in the ACP there were indicated versions of the Plugins installed (the same way the Applications are). Currently they are missing.
  6. Member Map

    Happily willing to pay for the App. I am running an expats community and the App used to be a core app for our users in 3.x. Would it be possible to have it released before the end of the year please?
  7. Hello, I am not sure whether anyone has proposed similar idea before, but I would welcome if there was an integration of Nexus into the Gallery. My site has a collection of some unique photographs of architecture and they could be offer for sale to members. I can imagine many other similar applications when after looking on a gallery image one could click on 'buy' button and be transferred to nexus for the rest of the payment (where say the full res file without a copyright could be offered). Is it something that would be interesting for other clients as well?
  8. Oppurtunity to respond

    I am living in the UAE and I am happy to assist with exploration regarding the company manager's statement regarding the theme and the authority of GJ to order the job under the described conditions, it is easy to visit their showroom and talk.
  9. Copy Calendar Event

    Hello, I have been inserting several calendar events with identical body, location, image, timing (not dates) today and to my surprise (unless I have overlooked something) I was unable to copy/clone one of the existing events to create a new one.  Is it not something most of us would find useful from time to time?
  10. Hello, I have noticed that when on mobile phone, the sub-forums are being separated by a break rather then a comma (like they are when on a computer). Like this the precious space on a mobile screen is wasted and one has to do a long scroll to pass this unpleasant list of subforums. Could this please be fixed?
  11. Hello, It may be my mistake doing something wrong but I keep trying to figure our what is the best way to display the latest upgrades of files I am following. What I would like to see is a list of files I am following in the Download section (e.g. the ones I have purchased + some I am planning to purchase) and see announcement that the files has a new version released - or when the latest has been released. I don't wish to be using the ASP here to just click to see if there is any upgrade. I would like to see the above list from the IP community side. I created an activity stream monitoring movement in files I am following, but it doesn't really seem to be capturing the same.  Is it something which could be considered to be incorporated as a feature?
  12. Pls bring back custom RSS feeds

    Must have for my sites too, hope my humble reminder helps bring the rss export as a core function back.
  13. Would it be possible to think of providing an option for disabling the autoplay function for the Recent Gallery Images hook? I am using the hook on our main page and the autoplay is visually disturbing. I would ideally like to have an option for disabling it and for controlling the speed of the autoplay. Many thanks MS
  14. Mass edit photo captions

    Any plans for implementing this function, dears IPS team?
  15. I am missing the most: The ClassifiedsThe Member Map - doesn't seem to be upgraded anytime soonAt the same time and despite the above missing, I have already upgraded all our 5 sites to 4.X because of the numerous advantages of the new systems (mobile skins, translation tools, cleaner look, draganddrop functions, manipulation with hooks). All the upgrades went smoothly and only in one case I had to run a repair utility (emoticons lost)