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  1. Separate store setup

    im waiting for a reply from members or admin for several questions: maybe i smell!! lol
  2. Separate store setup

    people want to allow other 'store owners' to add their products and manage distribution etc themselves, whilst the site admin takes a small percentage of sales or a one off price for the store owner to use the service. thats the way i see it. ips ebay at fixed pricing!
  3. I have an active IPB forum and joomla site. I want to sell some physical products to my forum members but also visitors to the site. 1. im not sure if i should go with nexus or another joomla cart? 2. if nexus, im guessing i could have the storefront open to the public (not necessarily forum members only). and point my store url to it? 3. if joomla cart, what would you recommend? thx in adv.
  4. hi, i want to move to nexus to sell some physical products, when i do - do i have to use nexus for the members subscriptions as well? been reading some negative feedback in the other forum on how nexus handles subscriptions. can you run both? (or should you)
  5. email marketing

    recently i signed up to a service to manage direct emails and my list. they made me go into the code and uncheck the box that people see on signup, now they have to check the box to 'receive emails from the board admin and also promotional emails'. this way they had been given the option and complys with laws - im in Australia.
  6. hard goods ecommerce

    Yes, popular question but not many answers. Think its a feature request
  7. ipnexus examples

    has anyone got any sites or links showing working site?
  8. Question about possible future options

    yes yes - timeline?
  9. Example of user marketplace

    thx calliejo - do you know any joomla equivalents?
  10. Example of user marketplace

    does anyone have any experiences with the above IPBE - or examples stores
  11. Marketlace option?

    ok, but is to doing the same thing: an ecommerce shopfront? or is it only a single entity not a multi store environment. - i havent used nexus by the way.
  12. Marketlace option?

    Ok so im confused, whats the difference with this so im confused, whats the difference with this
  13. Android App

    Im using Tapatalk app on my HTC legend
  14. More than one Chat Room

    or setup private chats between members