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  1. IP Downloads question

    OK, that seems to be what Im wanting. I will have to buy it and mess around with it to get it setup the way I like it. Thanks for the link ot the demo! Rob
  2. IP Downloads question

    I'm looking to buy this item, but I want to make sure it is correct for me. I have a site that has about 70 different maps for people to download. When browsing the site here, I noticed there is a download section for apps, Is that IP Downloads? I just want to get a general idea on what it looks like and how customizable it is. For example, I see this download page... If this si the IP Downloads application for purchase in the client area, this is what Im looking for. But can the left panel be removed. If anyone who has this application can post some screenshots of how the admin page set up looks, I would like ot know how it works. How hard is it to list the files I have for download...etc..etc Thanks, Rob
  3. Suggestions for 3.1.0

    I really would like to see this option. It would be nice to throw in a extra tab that leads to my main wegbsite back from the forums.