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  1. Classifieds

    The alternative is to make a custom database using Pages and allow users to publish
  2. Classifieds

    Why is not included classifieds in IPS Core?
  3. Classifieds

    Classifieds por IPB4?
  4. responsive ads

    Are you reloading the page when you resize?Are you using correct code for responsive ads?
  5. My 4.0 IP.Content Wishlist

    A News system, to post some news related / interesting for the community
  6. (ZoZ) My Topics in user info panel

    There are three files to download, which should i have to download?
  7. Ads in Blogs added by user

    I'm promoting blogs in my forum, but I find users prefer to use blogspot or another similar system, because they can put their own ads (adsense or any other) and earn some money. My suggestion is a place in blog to allow users to put their own ads, with a supervision of admins
  8. ACP System Statistics

  9. Adding Forums

    +1 Great idea for new forums.
  10. Get index.php out of URLs

    Thnx, I've tried it and it works fine
  11. Multilanguage site

    Easy, I use the advantage of Ad code integration in System Settings. I add this code in Global settings >> Footer code. You can put it wherever you need. I placed it in this section because I need it in the whole site and I don't use footer code. <script> function googleTranslateElementInit() { new google.translate.TranslateElement({ pageLanguage: 'es', floatPosition: google.translate.TranslateElement.FloatPosition.TOP_RIGHT }); } </script><script src=""></script>
  12. Multilanguage site

    You can install as many languages as you desire. You can find this feature in ACP > Manage languages. For posts, I have in my forum Google Translate. I bring this tool in every page of the forum and everything is translated to the language you want with 2 clicks. Fast, simple and easy to install.