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  1. Mike John - DevFuse

    Mike just pulled me out of a bind even though he was extremely busy by creating a quick hook that I needed for a very old version of IPB (have not updated due to a custom hooks & skin).  I own at least 70% of his work on my older version.   Mike is a straight shooter and very easy to deal with.  In my opinion his knowledge is flawless for a newbie like me.  I will be using him in the near future to finally update to the newest IPB when it comes out. Many thanks Mike!
  2. Youtube media tag

    That is the problem, I'm running 3.1.4, the normal youtube links work but the new ones such as the one prior to this post... Will not work with the media icon or by just placing the url in the body of the editor. There use to be a simple bbcode in the old days in where you just placed the video ID number such as "KAZwLM_mVzo" after the equal sign. Can this be fixed somehow to work like this or is there another fix to take the new youtube urls? Many thanks, JB
  3. editing posts is inconsistent

    I'm still running 3.1.4 and I'm having the same issue with the editor for almost a year. The quick reply takes about 20 seconds, members click the submit again and it double posts. In the regular editor is a bit better but still takes a while. Has anyone come up with a solution. I've created a ticket this morning and no response yet. Will see. It's crazy as I have tested with IE8 and latest Firefox. 90% is slow and the other 20% is hit or miss on posting properly. Even on creating new topics I see them double posted because members think that it did not take the first time. This is really an issue that needs to be solved. Other boards don't have this problem. Users of the board don't need to adjust. IPB needs to work right. I have not updated to later versions for the same reason and because of skin modifications. There has to be a solution. Please help us.
  4. IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: Archive System

    1- If a number of users were following the topic before it was archived, will that list of users still be there if the topic is unarchived (so, is that info still stored in the new DB table)? 2- You can selectively unarchive a topic, but can you selectively archive one? This was asked before and I also would like to know this. This feature I believe was the best I've seen in a while. Thank you.
  5. Main Page Way too Busy!

    Will these control features be implemented for those of us that want to streamline the main page?
  6. Main Page Way too Busy!

    I just looked at the new 4.0.3 Gallery update. Looks like IPB does not care about giving us settings to limit what can be seen on the main page. Seems to me like it's take it or leave it. There are so many members going to the free albums. IPB does not give us control, we are losing members especially if you make it part of a premium membership.
  7. IP.Board 3.2.0: Notifications, Part 2

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: One of the best parts is just to have the pop up for PMs only. The rest is clean gravy. :thumbsup:
  8. Main Page Way too Busy!

    Thank you Andy. I've also created a couple of Tracker bugs on the root issue as well as others. This is just one issue and I still stand with the subject of this topic. "Main Page is Way too Busy!" My members that have looked at it don't want to see all those thumbnails as well as a large main picture. Give us more configuration control and don't drop the old version of Gallery when IPB 3.2 comes out!
  9. Main Page Way too Busy!

    I have not updated to G4 to my live forum, I have on my Test board 4.0.1, too many bugs and seems a bit confusing. I have my old gallery members having their own category, they upload all their albums in that category keeping it nice and neat to find all their images. I don't see this in the new G4, what happened to the listing like the old gallery? Seems like the new G4 is a bit busy on the main page. Can not configure so you don't see a large first picture on the main page and no comments, etc. I would like the first page just to show my member categories (now Global Albums), is this even possible? Am I missing something? Members CAN create their own albums, and then create sub albums, however.. That being said, there's nothing to prevent users from creating albums in 'root'.. And, when that happens, it gets awfully busy. I've opened a ticket on this and support also agrees. People are going to want "XYZ Albums" and then my albums under that. If anyone can create root albums.. Then.. that blows everything up.
  10. IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style

    [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1298466957'] [quote name='Worldoversea' timestamp='1298466588']How is this going to effect our 3rd party hooks?Some of us have paid to have features that were not available in 3.1.4 and want to know if they will have to be re written.Thank you,JB Don't be sad, no negative here, I like the changes. I just have to know if I'm going to have to jump through hoops. :turned::D I'm glad you confirmed that there is a good chance all will will work. :cool:
  11. IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style

    How is this going to effect our 3rd party hooks? Some of us have paid to have features that were not available in 3.1.4 and want to know if they will have to be re written. Thank you, JB
  12. Please add birthday on registration

    Your welcome Elad. All of the other custom (no edits) mods you helped with have been working great.
  13. Please add birthday on registration

    As Elad stated, get a hold of him, send him a PM.
  14. Please add birthday on registration

    I have been using Elad's birthday in registration hook since I updated to 3.1.4 and it works like a charm. All his mods are excellent. Anyone needing this like I do would be satisfied. My post #11 here when I was inquiring about one. You can set it to require or optional or not show at all. I have it set to require. Yes, they can lie on their DOB but it's a good way for me to send them a birthday greeting (even if it's on the wrong birthday) to remind them that we are still here. I don't run a child's board and I can see where this can come into play as well. It helps keep spam away. Members that are serious sign up for the board. Thank you Elad.
  15. Ability to EDIT Members Status Updates

    Do please add the edit feature.