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  1. Embed Attached MP3 Files

    I think this is because of the compatibility issue after upgrading, the old BBcode that embed mp3 is no more valid, it is changed with a new one.Every time we upgrade there is a possibility the new BBCODE doesn't work with the old one.This is a huge problem with the ips products when we update to new versions, we assume the risk that:addons, BBCODE,applications,plugins etc. dont work anymore.If you have the knownledge you can change the code in order to work again, if not you have to pay third parties for doing this job.
  2. Hi,I have an old version of IPB and want to know if it is worth upgrading, because I have a new project in which I want to benefit from Calendar features.So, I want from Calendar to be able to syncronize all the events with the google calendar or with a CalDAV and CardDAV server like http://baikal-server.com/I have members that uses thunderbird with lighting calendar addon and they want to migrate all the personal calendar events from google calendar to the ipb calendar but also managing to syncronize them with their thunderbird-lighting calendar clients.I know in this stage the calendar support importing calendar from google but is it able to syncronize the events from it to other servers like http://baikal-server.com/ or something similar? Thank you!Kind regards!
  3. ​Yeah, you're right I think no one will take this responsability.
  4. It could be an idea making a tool for converting the old hooks code to be compatible with the new framework.
  5. Can you resolve in future versions of your products the compatibility issue of the old hooks and addons?This is the main reason I don't want to upgrade to the latest version of the your products.I have lots of hooks/modifications some purchased,others free.Some of the hooks are not being developed/updated anymore and this will be a huge lost in my board functionality, not mentioning skins.So,instead of developing new versions maybe you can think first for a system that can support also old versions of hooks/addons etc.Kind regards!
  6. Free Scribd Media Bbcode



    This Bbcode permits to embed any Scribd document on your forum, automatically adjusting its width to the post width.  Instructions for using it:   For example if you a have the link scribd:  in your post,into the scribd tag you must enter the id document number from the scribd link.Example: That's all.Very easy to use it!   Enjoy, scribd on your forum. http://www.scribd.com/read/163647877/Extraordinary-Theory-of-Objects-A-Memoir-of-an-Outsider-in-Paris [scribd]163647877[/scribd]


  7. IPB "Search" Function

    I agree, there is a problem with the search engine of ipb, and must be improved.Happened, also to me, to look for content existing on my site, but not listed using the search engine.Maybe in v.4.0 will have a proper and good search engine.
  8. What products to renew for a support ticket

    Too bad, because I dont want to upgrade, so I have to find a solution myself :( Thank you, anyway!
  9. I encountered >this problem, and >Brandon recommended me to open a support ticket. I have an old version of IP.Content v.2.2.1,IP.Board v.3.2.3,IP.Downloads and IP.Gallery.The problem is I dont want to upgrade those products, because I lose all the modifications made to my board and lose some applications that are not anymore developed by 3rd parties. Can you guarantee me fixing the >IP.Content database comments,for my current version of IP.Content without upgrading it? Do I have to renew also IP.Board for the support ticket? Thank you! Best regards!
  10. Ok, I have to renew in order to open a ticket. I have an old version of IP.Content v.2.2.1,IP.Board v.3.2.3.The problem is I dont want to upgrade those products, because I lose all the modifications made to my board and lose some applications that are not anymore developed by 3rd parties. Brandon, can you tell me if I renew IP.Content,is it possible to fix the comments database for my version without upgrading? Do I have to renew also IP.Board?
  11. If exist, why cant use them,why dont appear?or How can we enable them?Are we missing some settings? Best regards!
  12. In comments database we dont have the full functionality like in IP.Downloads comments The features missing are: 1.fast quote comment of a user 2.report feature 3.can't edit our own comments, not even administrator can't edit the comments of the members(the admin can only delete or unapprove the comments). We want the same features of the comments system like in IP.Downloads We struggle here to give IP.Content database comments same features of the IP.Downloads comments, if anyone can help us with it, please give it a try. Thank you! Best regards!
  13. Right now , we have the possibility to operate with only 2 variables ({option} and {content}) in developing a BBcode. There are situations,like complex BBCodes, where we need to use more variables, can you add them, like this: {option2},{option3} etc Thank you!
  14. Legend BBcode



    For what it does, see the screenshot.   I dedicate this BBcode to dokdok Have fun with it!   PS:You have to make a little modifications in order to work, please see the package download.


  15. [REQUEST] Ability to close poll without closing topic

    I think wil not be included by default, because it is already a paid hook,doing this, in marketplace that gives to IPS an extra income from the comissions of the contributors.So, the chance is very low to be integrated by default, that means losing money for IPS :smile: .It is more profitable having a paid hook.