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  1. Share Function

    eh :(
  2. Deal, Idea

    Thank you!
  3. Deal, Idea

    I think it will be good if IPB develops chat in the forum, I mean chat like facebook has, when u can contact with your friends, it is often requested by the users of my site
  4. Share Function

    hey :P
  5. Hi shamil

  6. Share Function

    Hello, It is good that IPB have share function, but when someone whants to share something, he/she can not share only post, he/she sharing whole topic, for exalmple, i want to share a video, but this video post is in the middle of other lots of posts, if I share, it will be shared whole topic and no one can understan what i wanted to share them, please think about it, make functions to share posts and not hole topic Regards, Beqa