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  1. IP.Links

    Not sure where to put this because it looks like its not longer supported, even though I bought it. It doesn't even show up in my Products, in the Client Area. Is it really gone? Michael
  2. Site Security Seal on the Credit Card page.

    Thanks for your response Robulosity2; I do have a SSL certificate, it would just be nice if I had the Certificate Seal on the same page. Is it the "CreditCardPayments" Template? and where and how do I add it? I'm not very good with php, although I do try. Regards Michael
  3. Is there a way, or can you add a way to include a Site Seal on the Credit Card Page, so customers know there information is safe. Michael
  4. Buying a 2nd License

    Is there a discount if I buy a 2nd License for both IPB, and Gallery? Regards Michael
  5. 2 Requests for Nexus.

    I never noticed that before. At least it lets me know if the Download was started. Michael
  6. 2 Requests for Nexus.

    1. when customer pays for a Package through there PayPal account. the Customers Name is collected, but if they use a Credit Card through PayPal Pro, for some reason if you check invoices at PayPal, the Customers Name is not listed. I don't know if this is a bug, or what. I have all Electronic Goods (PDF) Packages that are Downloaded. I had a customer Pay for a Package, but was unable to download it. The Customers Name was not listed in Purchases in ACP, but I did get an e-mail of the sale. When I looked on PayPal for an invoice, all the Credit Card orders did not have a Name attached to it. After Talking to PayPal about this, I was told it had to do with the Software I was using (Nexus). We need to make sure Customer Names are processed with all orders. 2. I would like to see a Log File created and stored with the other logs of all Downloads, and show if it was completed, or if there was an error, and what the error was. It would help sorting out what caused the problem. Michael
  7. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Hooks Improvements

    Does this mean we have to be running php5.3> Michael
  8. Adding Logos to Catigorys

    The ability to add Company Logo to the Package Category would be a nice add on for future versions. Michael
  9. Trying to find a css file.

    OK I found it, it was in "ibp_styles.css" The code was.} .row1 a, .row1 td a, .post_block.row1 a, .row1 .altrow a, .row1.altrow a, .personal_info a, .general_box a, .row2 a, .row2 td a, .post_block.row2 a, .message a, .row2 .altrow a, .row2.altrow a, ul.topic_moderation a, .catrow1 a, .catrow2 a { color: #AE7523; [color="#FF0000"]<---- Changed to #000000[/color] text-decoration: none; } Thanks for all the reply's. Michael
  10. Trying to find a css file.

    Thanks for the Replay, but that's not it ether. Already checked that one. In that statement, it calls for the font color to be "#ffffff" but in the one I'm looking for its listed as "#ae7523" I can change it in Firebug to #000000, and it will change the text color to black. this is what I want. just for this one skin. I Just can't find it. Michael I went to the Skin Author to see if they can help. This skin was made for 3.1.2, but not Nexus..
  11. suggestions for IP Nexus

    I have a few suggestions for IP Nexus. 1. If you look in the ACP, under My Apps/Nexus/Packages when you look at the categories , and Sub Categories, if you click on the main category, that opens up the Sub category. If you open up a Sub Category, it drops down to show just those Sub categories. Its great to organize and makes it easier to find the Category your looking for. Now if you look at the Customer Side, if they click on the main category, it opens the Subs, and jumps to the top of the page. If you open one of the subs, it will open them, and jump back to the top, leaving all folders open, then you have to scroll down to find where you were, and then what your looking for leaving all catigories open. Its very confusing for the Customer. It needs to be like it is in the ACP. When I get everything set up, I will have a few hundred Sub Categories. We need to be able to organize it in a better way. 2. In ACP when you select a package to associate with another Package. It would be nice if it listed categories the same way it does on listing packages in ACP If there is a lot of packages, like me (over 3,000), to try and find just one package is not an easy job. Better organization is something Nexus desperately needs.. Just my 2 cents Michael
  12. Trying to find a css file.

    Thanks for the Reply. Nope I looked there, and that's not it.It may be the one for some of the other Skins, but not this one. What I'm looking for maybe a Skin specific setting. Do any of the Skins have there own css files? or are they all written to a common css file?
  13. Trying to find a css file.

    I have been looking for a css file for a Skin, and Nexus just to change a color of a Font, but I can't find the right css file. If I look in "Firebug" it tells me the css file is called "2-service-manual-#5" What I'm looking for is in Nexus, when you look at a package, it lets you "Add to Cart", I'm trying to find the css file that controls the color of the Font for "Add to Cart" I can find it in FireBug, but I can't find the actual css file for it. Its only in one Skin, all the rest of the Skins are fine, and a different color, so it must have to do with the Skin I'm using. Thanks for the help here. Michael
  14. IP.Nexus Dev Update

    This is Great Mark, any Idea when the next Beta will be out?
  15. Can Nexus use a large Database Size

    That's cool, I guess now I will have to figure out a way to import that database. Michael