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    I m going to add to this topic because this functionality is crucial for our sites too I was waiting since last october thinking that the reason the search members using custom fields was removed was because IPS was working on a better version but now I realize the option was simply removed. The current system does not allow our members to sort by which ones have a photo only (why was this removed?). I would also for example would like to find all the people living in my city (custom field) but I cant because the search does not allow this. I struggle to understand what could have been the reasons to remove these options in 4. I see that there is a memberlist mod that is being sort of crowdfunded. I may add $100 to it if Adriano can add filtering by custom fields but I really feel that there is no reason why this is not a default option when it had been one for so long. Please add back filtering members search with custom fields
  2. like the previous version was. There is no way to search by members who have a photo or from a custom profile field which is all our community is based on. Is anything being done or what is the reason why the custom profile fields do not show on the members search page? Do I need a custom mod for this? Why was this functionality removed?
  3. (BIM41) Required Info

    Just the plugin I needed. Great support and quick response time. The latest version also support HTML in the Custom Message which is nice  
  4. Activity Stream: make condensed view default?

    For me the analogy is the same as when you click on the Calendar and are shown the whole month...that is a condensed view because you start from a wide amount of data and then can drill down to the smaller. With a stream or timeline this would be similar to having a quick overview of the most amount of data WITHOUT details. This means titles and small attachments easily viewable with less amount of scrolling. Condensed view is more efficient because you go from simplified to detailled and not the opposite. Anyway the option to select which version you prefer should really be TRIVIAL in terms of adding that option to the ACP and I mean trivial in the sense that the functionality is there. You don t need to ask why people need it because if you don t understand that NOT seeing large attachments first is better than a simplified view with smaller attachments then it is difficult to explain the reason for the request. I for one would really like to be able to default as condensed and if IPB can not provide that
  5. A colleague of mine has been reading the IP.Blog page on the homepage and is asking where those features shown in the screenshots are? Will you update the Blogs app or update the promo page to reflect 4.0 instead of IP.Blog? At the moment it looks like the old version could have had multiple users for a single blog and that the current one does not...unless I missed something Is this now a permission issue where you need to create a group for that unique blog? Not sure I can do that with hundred of thousands of members wanting to create groups  
  6. instead of having to re upload the same cover every week. This create tons of copies for no reason If one cover is used for Italian Restaurant night for example, every week you reupload the same image over and over Instead we should be able to pick it from the uploaded images
  7. Search member based on custom profile field?

    ​yes We use this for cities or long as the data is not private you can filter for it in the left sidebar when you go to the member page in the search
  8. ACP Design Feedback

    Well spank me silly and call me shirley!! the &*^* did I miss that
  9. ACP Design Feedback

    Any chances you could make an option to ALWAYS display the second level of the ACP menu It is really really irritating to always have the second menu above the members or other pages...appearing and disapearing when you are going from screens to screens Also there is no way to tell where you are besides the title of the page...but where is the CALENDAR page I am looking at under? Is it under System? Application? (not a question just an example). With the second menu always there you would be able to tell where you are and in the case of the members page you would not have that menu hover above the names or the content of the right frame/table/page I would really really love to have and option to make it sticky and not hover I know you are trying to gain space but it is more annoying than helping Since the width is 100% it really does not save a lot of space to always have the second menu showing imo
  10. 4.0.1!!!

    I am fully expecting easter eggs in 3 updates hint hint
  11. Are web forums in general on the way out?

    If you are asking if online discussions are on the way out then no quite the contrary The format classic forums may be on the way out and move more towards a reddit style of discussions
  12. Great errors and flawless upgrade
  13. A lot of bugs in Internet Explorer browser

    Isn t Internet Explorer a bug by itself? This browser has been slowing down the expansion and progression of technology on the web since v 1.0 I just hope it would have died already but like a nasty STD it keeps going and going...
  14. After test upgrade, pages is offline