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  1. Christophe added a topic in Company Feedback   

    IP Blogs vs 4.0 Blogs...what s the difference?
    A colleague of mine has been reading the IP.Blog page on the homepage and is asking where those features shown in the screenshots are?
    Will you update the Blogs app or update the promo page to reflect 4.0 instead of IP.Blog?
    At the moment it looks like the old version could have had multiple users for a single blog and that the current one does not...unless I missed something
    Is this now a permission issue where you need to create a group for that unique blog? Not sure I can do that with hundred of thousands of members wanting to create groups
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  2. Christophe added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Calendar - Please allow covers to be picked up from previous uploads
    instead of having to re upload the same cover every week. This create tons of copies for no reason
    If one cover is used for Italian Restaurant night for example, every week you reupload the same image over and over
    Instead we should be able to pick it from the uploaded images
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  3. Christophe added a post in a topic Search member based on custom profile field?   

    We use this for cities or long as the data is not private you can filter for it in the left sidebar when you go to the member page in the search
  4. Christophe added a post in a topic ACP Design Feedback   

    Well spank me silly and call me shirley!! the &*^* did I miss that
  5. Christophe added a topic in Product Feedback   

    ACP Design Feedback
    Any chances you could make an option to ALWAYS display the second level of the ACP menu
    It is really really irritating to always have the second menu above the members or other pages...appearing and disapearing when you are going from screens to screens
    Also there is no way to tell where you are besides the title of the page...but where is the CALENDAR page I am looking at under? Is it under System? Application? (not a question just an example). With the second menu always there you would be able to tell where you are and in the case of the members page you would not have that menu hover above the names or the content of the right frame/table/page
    I would really really love to have and option to make it sticky and not hover
    I know you are trying to gain space but it is more annoying than helping
    Since the width is 100% it really does not save a lot of space to always have the second menu showing imo
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  6. Christophe added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Calendar rsvp - you can rsvp to an event after it has passed
    Not sure if this is intended
    You can set an event that was in the past to accept RSVPs and then you are able to rsvp
    I suspect you are able to remove yourself from the rsvp as well for an event that has passed
    Not sure if this is intended. I think you should not be able to set an RSVP for an event that is passed and thus not be able to remove or add yourself to a rsvp
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  7. Christophe added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] Calendar event cover + attachment issue
    If I upload a cover for an event I am unable to also have that cover appear as an attachment in the event details
    If I re upload the file it just replaces the cover
    I then have to upload the same image with a different name if I want it in the event message
    Is this normal?
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  8. Christophe added a post in a topic Bitcoins   

    Again we are not talking about burning a house or the currency just like we are not talking about dropping bills into acid
    The point is that once the money is into a bank account in the US it is insured and guaranteed which gives confidence to people with accounts that their currency is not in danger
    That money is swappable for any other currency or goods anywhere in the world when traveling...bitcoins are not unless you think that you can buy a baguette in south of France in a farmers market with it?
    Hey if you want to put your savings into bitcoins then go for it, but until banks accept and exchange bitcoins and the 20 different variations and other crypto currencies out there it will remain a fad. A fad that in one year alone the value went from $1000 to $230, and that is a problem because it is completely unstable and uncontrolled.
    Just look at this that a currency you would want to put your money into? I like the idea of an annonymous currency but I am also a realist

  9. Christophe added a post in a topic 4.0.1!!!   

    I am fully expecting easter eggs in 3 updates
    hint hint
  10. Christophe added a comment [4.0.1] Support - Find Solution   

    I had a lot of queries too and just executed all automatically and they all got fixed by the script
    These errors NEED to be fixed so...
  11. Christophe added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.1] ACP IP map not working
    All registrations show this map instead of the proper geolocation
    not sure if it was working before. I have the geolocation turned on and google map on

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  12. Christophe added a post in a topic Are web forums in general on the way out?   

    If you are asking if online discussions are on the way out then no quite the contrary
    The format classic forums may be on the way out and move more towards a reddit style of discussions
  13. Christophe added a post in a topic Bitcoins   

    Is the dollar backed up by anything? yes under $250.000 your money is insured by the government. It is not backed by a physical commodity
    When I said backed I meant insured and protected. You can exchange a dollar bill in any country anywhere in the world
    You can NOT do this with bitcoins as everything is virtual. You have no proof of your ownership of the value if there is no electricity
    If the internet was destroyed you could still produce and use dollar bills...that is the problem with bitcoins as it is only virtual
  14. Christophe added a post in a topic Bitcoins   

    I don t get people who still believe in Bitcoins...I just don t get it. It is not backed by anything and is just a virtual crypto currency
  15. Christophe added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0] Calendar Event Stream layout issue
    If you have a mix of events with rsvp and some without the layout gets all messed up because some boxes are longer (ones with rsvps) and it makes reading the page a pain
    The no rsvp events should show as the same size as the ones with rsvps to make the page clean and not all over the place
    This is because some events can stack on each other if they are close in date and without rsvp and still appear to be after events that are later due to the table stacking
    attached example
    In the example here the event above the 14 april should be longer and that april 14 event should not look like it is after the april 15 one...same thing for the april 17 being after the april 24 if you follow a horizontal left to right order

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