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  1. My content and preview button IPB 4

    Youtube videos works but not images. Images only show if I post the url in insert other media.Must be something wrong on my site then.
  2. My content and preview button IPB 4

    hmm does not work on my site.It only convert url to images when usning the other media button.
  3. Two things my members are missing and still get questions about very often over 1 month after the upgrade, is that they miss the My content link/function from 3.4. My activity is not a replacement for that.So they now have to use my content and filters to get the same functionality. That is not a good solution because they have to go back and forth.Also the preview post button we want back. Many members post up to hundred of images using example a url list from photobucket and the preview image function does not work then. To add the pictures one by one using the other media button takes to long time.  
  4. Reputation system

    We want the same functions on the reputations system as the like system. Like notifications when someone likes a post, and the possibility to remove a reputations point if the user press it by a mistake. This functions should also be available for the reputations system and not only if you choose to have the like this button.
  5. Stock Count of Items

    The possibility to add different stock numbers for Custom Package Fields would have been great. Like its now i have to make a package for each size.
  6. Remove reputation points

    features like notification when someone give point or like you post is only available when using "like this". Its not every site a facebook lookalike button is usable
  7. Remove reputation points

    You only have the X button when using the "like this" system., not when using the reputation system that show points in green. That is the problem, my users is not to lazy to press again. They cant remove it if not using the like sytem.
  8. Remove reputation points

    When using the reputation point system, its not possible to remove points (like it is when using the like system) Many users complain when using mobile/pads that its easy to press the give reputation point by accident. Then its not possible to remove it again. So I get 3-6 PM a week with members that wish to remove points they not indented to give. Very annoying that I have to switch to the like system before they can removed (unlike) it. Not everyone wish to use the like system, so this should be fixed
  9. [suggestion] Allow reputation edits

    Is the plan to go away from reputation points and only support the like system? its not everyone that want they forum to look like facebook :P
  10. List of sites / pages done using CCS

    New design on my norwegian car detailing site. Its running Ip.Content :)
  11. Gived and Received reputation points

    My reason is that we have many topics/post with many hundreds of images :P Off course not everyone have that ;) I think its not so interesting to see all of the post content in that view. Buf off course can change it myself :)
  12. The reputation overview in the members profile should not load every post with pictures ++ in every topic/post. It should be a simple list where the user can see in what topics and post they did Receive or give points. and just a link to the topic/post.
  13. [suggestion] Allow reputation edits

    Yes its possible when using the Like system. But not the reputation system
  14. [suggestion] Allow reputation edits

    Any news on this? :P is not everyone that use the "like" system.
  15. Feature request: Custom Advertisement Blocks

    Did find the answer :Phttp://community.inv..._1#entry2089082