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  1. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Checkbox custom field in commerce support hides required option
    In Commerce, when adding a custom support ticket field and using the Checkbox type it hides the "Required" setting, so by default it marks that field as being required when creating a support ticket in the front end.
    You can workaround this by changing the field to another type (e.g. Address) and then setting required to no, then changing it back to checkbox and saving.
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  2. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Customizable post feed block doesn't show topic links when used outside of sidebar
    Reported in 910484
    The "Customizable Post Feed" block doesn't show the topic title / links to the posts when the block is used in the header section of the page. It works fine when used in the sidebar. See attached screenshot for example.

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  3. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Slow Gallery query
    Reported in 909738
    The attached Gallery query is taking 10+ seconds to run. Full query and explain results attached.
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  4. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Forum name not displayed correctly with multiple language packs where one is disabled
    Ticket 909519 - can reproduce locally on RC6.
    Where you have multiple language packs (2 in this case), and one is disabled, and you then create a forum it only prompts you to enter the forum name for the enabled language pack. If you then view the forum, and are using the disabled language pack (either because you were before or because the browser language header was used maybe?) it doesn't display the forum name, it just displays "forums_forum_5" instead.
    Can workaround this by enabling the other language pack then editing the problem sub-forum and filling in its name for the other language pack.
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  5. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Gallery images tab doesn't show on "Insert Existing Attachment" pop-up
    Reported in ticket 909898
    When using the "Insert Existing Attachment" option on a post, the "Gallery Images" tab won't show up, even when you have gallery images, unless you've previously uploaded another attachment to a post. As soon as you upload an attachment to a post it also displays the gallery images tab correctly.
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  6. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Editor toolbar button permission pop-up not loading in IE11 when using zh_CN locale
    Reported in ticket 909932
    When using the zh_CN locale (simplified Chinese) locale on the language pack, and IE11 on Windows 8.1, clicking a toolbar button to open its permissions pop-up (Admin CP -> Customization -> Editor -> Toolbar) redirects to the index rather than showing the permissions pop-up box.
    JS error in the IE11 dev console is:
    Error: Unable to get property 'isContextFor' of undefined or null reference 
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  7. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    CKEditor using traditional Chinese rather than simplified Chinese
    Reported in ticket 909932
    When language pack locale is set to use zh_CN locale (simplified Chinese), CKEditor is using traditional Chinese instead.
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  8. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Some JS files get loaded with a double // in the URL
    Originally from #908335 but see the same locally. Screenshot below is from the new topic page.

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  9. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Deleting group doesn't update members in the group
    If you delete a group any members who had that group assigned don't get moved / cleaned up properly. In this case it just shows the members group as per the screenshot below after the group was deleted.

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  10. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Problem with cyrillic names in URL when using ACP member search
    Ticket 907676
    In the Admin CP if you use the member list quick search box to search for a cyrillic name such as Жичкаджията the URL gets updated automatically but it doesn't seem to encode the name correctly, see screenshot below. Searching still finds the members though so just looks like a cosmetic issue in the URL.

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  11. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    RC1 - Pages: Post topic - Use forum for comments
    Ticket #907507 - follow on from this bug report -
    Access details in ticket 907507 
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  12. Alan added a post in a topic Better Call Saul   

    Started re-watching Breaking Bad today but am only up to episode 2 so might take me a while to get to the Tuco episodes
  13. Alan added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Support tool and white space
    Running through the support tool in the Admin CP and it complains about white space in the following files:
    C:\wamp\www\ipslatest4\applications\core\interface\ckeditor\ckeditor\samples\sample_posteddata.phpC:\wamp\www\ipslatest4\system\3rd_party\pop3\pop3_test.phpC:\wamp\www\ipslatest4\system\3rd_party\pop3\pop3_test.php5.phpClicking "The problem is not resolved" just takes you back to the white space warning and clicking "Continue Anyway" takes you back to the start of the support tool.
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  14. Alan added a post in a topic Better Call Saul   

    ​I didn't know that was Tuco until Matt mentioned it this morning. I think I need to re-watch Breaking Bad to remind myself of what happened.
    Also, episode 2 just went up on Netflix UK
  15. Alan added a topic in General Chit Chat   

    Better Call Saul
    Any of you guys watched this yet? If not, consider the rest of this topic to be massive spoilers and stop reading now  First episode was on Netflix this morning in the UK, not sure about the US / rest of the world.
    I loved it myself, first 5 minutes were a bit odd but glad I stuck with it as it gets much better. Should be fun to watch Saul evolve in to the scumbag lawyer we all knew and loved in Breaking Bad
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