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  1. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Support for Test sites   

    unfortunately, the live upgrade encountered this same issue yesterday. Based on the past experience, once IPS have time to answer my ticket from early this morning I think we will finally complete our upgrade today .... (think it took about 6 hours from the fix on the test site to the completion of the rebuild). Other than that everything seems to be good at first glance. 
  2. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Support for Test sites   

    As a post-script to this, and in the interests of fairness, I should point out that IPS did help me, and so did my hosting provider. In the end IPS were not able to bodyswerve the ticket and between the three of us (me, host, IPS) we got it sorted. I believe both of them went beyond the official remit they provide so I have thanked both privately, and now publicly. 
    the problem turned out to be something in the database that was neither the fault of the software or the hosting environment. The rebuild process got hung up on a couple of database entries that had either got corrupted or were malformed in some way and it killed the process stone dead. My host changed me from litespeed to apache for better (less generic) error reporting and we then had to take my live site offline for a little while to troubleshoot as we thought htaccess in root may have been affecting the development subdomain. This allowed IPS to identify the problem and hep me get over it. The rest of the rebuild process worked without a hitch and it looks like my test install is working as expected. All being well we do now intend to commit to the upgrade next week ! 
    With regards to Lindy's comments, I do understand. I have worked as a global software asset manager / licensing administrator for the last 10 years buying and maintaining (mostly networked) software for a large multinational company and I tend to disagree about the nature of test installs. To me, to my company, and even the vendors to whom we pay our yearly maintenance fees, the test install is part of the overall software lifecycle for the customer and should not be regarded as a separate or second license. I need to test it in a development environment before I can put it into a production one. its common sense. IPS have always helped in this regard and if you were to look back on my tickets I would have to say that the vast majority of them have been logged either before or during an upgrade. Once the new version is up and running it is typically very stable and does not require much support (in my case anyway). I hear what you say about the test environment doubling your work, but would also question whether that is true or just anecdotal? In my case, we have had a few issues along the way with the tests, but the bugs have been worked out, so if my upgrade goes to plan and does not have a hitch I wont require support for the actual upgrade itself and I would hazard a guess that many users are the same. Even if I get the same issue as this week, I will be able to point support in the direction of the last ticket so checking if the database has made the process fall over would be the first item to check and resolvable very quickly ....   
    I agree it is frustrating for IPS when your tech may be working on an issue on a test install and the customer blows it away from in front of their very eyes. I would go further and call it ignorant in fact. I could have done that with one of my tickets but did not ... thats why I ended up waiting 16 days for the ip.content fix with the html code as I know I need to get over this hurdle before I can move on and I wont get over it by blowing everything up and starting again. However, your suggestion that it is bugs that are causing the frustration and that should be a reason to not be an early adopter is wrong. It is not the bugs that are frustrating, but the reaction to them from our software provider. Regardless of the circumstance, I as a customer felt hung out to dry with the initial response which basically felt like a big middle finger, and as I have noted, it was not the first time.  
  3. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Support for Test sites   

    I understand where you are coming from and I dont think I am being unreasonable. I waited 16 days for my last issue to be resolved and didnt complain too much even though it caused me to miss my target upgrade date of 30th May (there was a reason for choosing that date). I know they were busy with V4.0 issues on live sites so I sucked it up and have set myself a new target date (again, there is a reason for this date). 
    I realise they are still busy with live sites and I have no problem with slipping down the priority list for a few days but that's not the case here. they are saying this will not be addressed because its a test site. I find that part to be ridiculous. 
    To your other point ... if IPS could point me in the direction of a fix and all worked well I would actually use the 'fix' to commit to the upgrade so yes I do want the same level of support commitment. I view the testing process as a crucial part of the actual upgrade. I am an active member on another board that recently upgraded to 4.0 and it was down for nearly 2 weeks with technical issues when they upgraded. I am not prepared to risk the same issue affecting my users if I can help it !! 
    As an illustration that even now I dont think I am being unreasonable, I sent a request to IPS at 6AM (EST) asking what scripts or pages are being called during the rebuild process? This would allow my VPS providers who are willing to troubleshoot on the server side and see exactly what is going on. I received a response from IPS at lunchtime (EST) today to say they "cannot work with test installs at this time". They did not address the question. So I asked it again and 11 hours later there is still no response despite the fact that the 2 minutes it would take to pass on the info would mean IPS could bodyswerve the whole ticket, and potentially receive a verified solution for anyone else who might experience the same problem. I have a feeling my long wait may be deliberate ........ (same thing happened last time I posted in open forum ! before my posts were deleted.)    
  4. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Support for Test sites   

    ​simply untrue
    I have a current ticket outstanding (917384) for what I hoped would be a final test to the upgrade process from 3.4.8 to 4.0.x.    As with previous tests, i ran into errors, and although the previous ones were seen as bugs and IPS helped me through it without saying they did not support test sites, this is the response I got for my latest issue which was signed by the "Hosting and Support Manager".
    Upgrade from 3.4.8 to 4.0.7 performs without hitch. involves 3 or 4 manual sql queries that are provided but thats about all I had to do other than make sure my paths were adjusted before i started the process. Test site and admin back end are both operational. however when accessing the admin dashboard i get a message to say the queue task is locking frequently and the background processes to rebuild everything is frozen in time. When I setup a cron job - using the instructions provided - nothing happens, and when I try to run it manually the screen starts to do something then quickly errors out with a 503 error.  I figured this was a prime candidate to log a ticket, a showstopper if you will. I logged a ticket with IPS and also with my VPS provider. 
    RESPONSE (from IPB)
    Here is the response in full
    Hello, If you hit this issue on your live site, please let us know, however we are unable to provide support for test site per our restrictions below.
    To ensure that all customers receive fair and comparable support, I'm afraid we are unable to provide support for test or development installations via the client area. If, however, the issue persists with your live / production installation, please do let us know and we will be happy to investigate further. Alternatively, there are development support resources available at http://community.invisionpower.com . I am sorry we're unable to be of more assistance at this time.
    Thank you for your understanding.
    I expect this kind of response from a 2bit $10 a year shared host, but not from IPB, especially given that this restriction is not mentioned on their service standards page: https://www.invisionpower.com/legal/standards . Are you seriously saying that you will NOT support a customer who is trying to use best practices to test, test, and re-test the upgrade process from their current live site so they do not adversely affect their own customers/members by performing an untried upgrade on their live site?  Its almost as ludicrous as not being allowed to change the test url of your test site !
    After some serious showstoppers (RC6 deleted all images from live site, early versions of 4.0 ignored - and continue to ignore - archived content, ip.content conversion adds html paragraph code to article titles, ip content continues to add additional spacing in all articles) and now this one do you seriously think anyone in their right mind should even consider doing an untested upgrade? You might be able to fix it if we do, but fixing it on a live site affects our members ... I have logged only 5 tickets in 2015 related to V4 upgrades and they have varied in severity and duration to resolve - 3 days, 8 days, 16 days, 2 days, and now the one I logged yesterday. My VPS provider replies within 30 minutes and now awaits the answer to a couple of questions related to my ticket, but it seems IPS does not want to know......
    really bad show IPS. 
  5. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Renewal prices   

    You buy the software and get (that version of) the software forever but you also get 6 or 12 months of ticket support and access to any new versions released in that time without any additional payments. At the end of the support period you have the option to renew your maintenance/support or to let it lapse. If you renew you continue to get access to new versions and support, if you do not renew you can continue to use the product up to the version number that was available when your maintenance expired. We currently have one active license and one we let expire.  
    I work in this field as a software administrator and network licensing specialist and it is an standard not just for forums but across all sectors (mine is engineering). What is not standard, and where IPS should be applauded is that if you let your maintenance lapse IPS will allow you to renew at any time for the standard renewal fee whereas some of the big companies I deal with backdate your renewal to the date of expiry if you let it lapse.
    We have had our licenses for about 8 years and originally purchased a suite that had Board/Blog/Gallery but did have to purchase Downloads, Nexus, Content etc all separately. I don't think everything was ever available as a single suite.​
    Having said that I would agree that while the software itself is priced appropriately some of the pricing for the ongoing renewals is a little high .... In my regular job I tend to find renewal fees are quoted to us that are in the region of 20% of the cost of buying a new license so that would put IPS a significant bit above that for Board, Nexus and Content and more or less in line with that number for Blog, Gallery and Downloads. I deal with more than 500 software providers over the course of a year so its not a small sample ..... 
  6. HighlanderICT added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Convert 3.4.7 to 4.0.0 - Usermenu does not work
    may be something quirky in my conversion (after the other reported issues), or perhaps some legacy issue from my old version but I am experiencing the exact same behaviour on my main forums page that can be seen on this bug which has been marked 'fixed' a couple of releases ago: http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/calendarrc5a-dropdown-menus-dont-work-r4345/ 
    Basically, anything that has a sub-menu displays a placeholder rather than a true link;
    Create Menu Item = #elCreateNew_menuProfile/User Menu = #elUserLink_menuMore menu = #elNavMore_menuThis occurs whether I use the default theme or one with minor (colour) modifications. This does not happen on a fresh demo install of IPB4 using the default theme or the same slightly modified one. I have performed 3 or 4 test conversions now and this error is constant on them all.   
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  7. HighlanderICT added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Archived Content - Not Converted
    My current board has a little over 400,000 posts. I have just performed a test upgrade on a subdomain and after getting stopped with the last bug I reported (and which was fixed) my newly converted site contains a little under 102K with numerous missing posts. I believe the missing posts were all archived posts which were not moved across as I have compared the two sites.
    My current (3.4.7) board is setup to use a main database and a separate database for archives (i am using copies of both in my test upgrade) but despite having the correct "archive_remote_sql_xxxxx" values in the conf.global file during the test upgrade these values seems to have been ignored so only current posts from my main database were added to the site. I have set this info manually within the IPS4 admin area and also set my preferred options for archiving and notice my site has changed by 20 posts in all that time .... (about 5 hours). not sure if thats as a result of my settings or whether IPS4 is actually processing the old data from the archive database?
    Will the archived posts be processed at some point or is there a bug in the upgrade system that requires us to take additional steps before or after upgrade ? 
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  8. HighlanderICT added a comment SQL Error ~ Archived Tables   

    thanks. confirmed this fixed the error i reported. now finishing the upgrade test. 
  9. HighlanderICT added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    SQL Error ~ Archived Tables
    get error below when attempting (my first) test upgrade from 3.4.7 to 4.0 RC6

    I have manually run the query as requested on my test Db (and carefully checked that I did it correctly and that the column is indeed now in the DB table) but this is a showstopper. cannot go past this error as the message will not go away. 
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  10. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Pages: Promote to Article   

    37 days since this thread was started without a sniff of any official comment or response on what seems to be a fairly simple question. Poor show IPS. Can we please have an answer? even a one word answer !!!  It seems to be important to many of us and ignoring the polite requests for this info is, quite frankly, both rude and ignorant. 
    If its not coming back then just say so ... if it is but there are challenges then perhaps give us a clue rather than leaving us hanging. I have stuck with content/pages from the moment it was released a few years back despite the ongoing lack of documentation or the lack of user friendliness for my less tech savvy editors almost entirely because I could get some of them to use the promote button and then do some basic editing to fix the issues the purifier caused during conversion .... its not perfect, but it is workable. 
    if that feature is now gone then please just say so so we can move on and use something like Wordpress for our article area which is far more intuitive for those technophobe content editors ..... 
  11. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Pages: Promote to Article   

    we are on RC now and still no sign of this or an answer ...... will this be reinstated ? 
  12. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic Pages: Promote to Article   

    +1 ... the ability for users to submit articles and for one of our mods (editors) to promote it to an article is a cornerstone of our community ... 
  13. HighlanderICT added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Cannot login
    upgraded to Beta 4a today and installed Nexus (Commerce). Was attempting to reproduce some of the settings in my current site but although I could setup a product category folder I could not add any individual products nor could I setup departments for support etc as everything I tried ended in a white screen and refreshing or retrying it from scratch either didnt work or ended in the same result.
    Now when I try to login on front end it does not work, it goes back to login screen. There is no error displayed (eg wrong password) and I CAN login to the ACP. The login error is still present even if I disable the commerce app. The problem is present in both Beta 4a and 4b but in 4b the error displayed on the support page that was present in 4a (presumably because nothing was setup) is no longer there. 
    Not sure if it is my install or an actual bug. login and FTP info available on request.
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  14. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic error upgrading to beta 3   

    not sure if this is relevant to all people with this problem but I also got the same error on upgrade (at the applications stage). After that I searched here and read this thread and a couple of others then noticed that pages (which I had also installed) had upgraded its beta. I downloaded that file and uploaded it via ftp to my dev site then tried again and it resolved the installation issue but now gives me a white page on the front end
    This seems to be the error in the log (repeated many times)
    [02-Dec-2014 20:05:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type IPS\Db\Select as array in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/xxxxx/system/Theme/Theme.php(558) : eval()'d code on line 1719 
    putting pages offline or uninstalling it has no effect
  15. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic The New Gallery 5.0, Well Sort Of, Look-ie! :D   

    Reading this thread, it seems options are the key.

    For me, a rigid structure I can define to suit my site works best, for others, a social media structure where new stuff, tied to specific users that floats to the top and can be displayed as such seems to work.

    The option to choose slider(s) and to show certain info on sidebars also will vary from user to user

    Will be interested to see a beta once it gets to that stage as I know the current version just does not do it for me ..... The pics are fine, just getting to the right ones can be a challenge !!!