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  1. All Virteq skins updated to support IPB 3.4.8

  2. IPS4 Default Style

    I think any default theme on IPB is meant to have enough character to appeal to the average person, but not over-stylized so that it deters easy editing, or websites that don't want all of the fluff. It's a nice happy medium. As a skinner, I think 4.0 looks good. Responsiveness is the biggest victory, here. 3.x was not responsive, and was a pain on mobile, whether you used the mobile skin or not. 4.0 fixes that. It doesn't look like much, but I can tell you to code the forum to be responsive likely gave Rikki the biggest headache ever. But seeing it in action is beautiful. I can't really comment on how good the skin is to modify yet, I'm still waiting on a final release to unleash judgment, but I do give credit to IPS for what they have done so far. Not 100% sure how in love I am with the skin as far as looks are concerned, but that's why there are skinners to design and make cool new things out of what IPS has given us as a starting point.
  3. All Virteq skins updated to support IPB 3.4.7

  4. Maintenance release for Metro 1.1.9, fixing bugs, more efficient! http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5368-metro/

  5. On vacation August 9-16

  6. Back from vacation.

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      Welcome Back

  7. Away in Europe July 10-28

    1. AndyF


      Enjoy :) , Whereabouts are you heading ?

    2. DustinRyan


      Denmark, Sweden, UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy! You're in charge of Invision Modding while I'm away. I'll try to pop in periodically when I have WiFi.

    3. AndyF


      I'll do what I can.

  8. Will help people convert their databases to prepare for IPS 4.0 for a small fee.

  9. 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up

    There is no greater feeling than seeing so much functionality maintained within a responsive website design that flows so well. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. So good.
  10. 4.0 - Embeddable content

    This is great. I love when services like Twitter, Facebook, and others detect the type of content and display it accordingly (most of the time). It's like a glance view. It shows the important information so I know what I'm clicking through to, before I click it. Great job! These little details will really make a big difference.
  11. Power

    Version 1.0.3


    Power truly lives up to its name. With this heavily customized skin, YOU have the ability to change the look and feel of important features via simple settings thanks to the Virteq Premium Products System. This theme is very lightweight and immediately recognizable. Power truly lets you take control with the use of special settings for modifying the skin without using code.   With our new theme, Power, we're bringing something fun to our customers with a vertical navigation and MANY customizations that can be managed through your ACP without editing any code. These cusomizations include:   [*]Social media icons [*]Horizontal user info pane [*]Global font changes [*]Global messages [*]Profile photo in user navigation instead of username [*]Avatars for post icons [*]Display/remove sidebar All of these features are optional and can be applied/reverted with one click. This is all possible thanks to our Premium Products System. This FREE app is required for using the features built into Power, and all of our future premium themes. This app is what enables all of the cool changes you can make. It is only required to be installed once, and you can manage ALL future Virteq premium themes from within one central place.   The installation of this app is already included in your download for Power. No additional downloads are necessary.


  12. On vacation from April 8-23. Might have email access occasionally.

  13. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Even if the default look and feel did not change, skins would not work. There are far better ways to code skins, and methods, trends, etc. have evolved in ways to make code more condensed, efficient, and responsive. IPS could easily keep the actual placement of things the same as always, but that does not fare well for marketing purposes when people can't see a difference. Plus, Rikki's personal tastes may have evolved, and there may be far more intuitive layouts for parts of the board. Short answer: Even if everything stayed looking exactly the same, custom skins would not work on massively upgraded versions of IPB. They barely work on small upgrades to IPB (for logical reasons). As a skinner, we would all love skins to forever be compatible with every version of IPB. But nothing is entirely future-proof.