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  1. Additional photo & vid extensions

    it already has it, use the media tags :)
  2. How do we download resources now,

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    2. AngelFire


      yeah but cant find a download button, only for previous releases, not the current release

    3. AnthonyKinson


      well on bouncy mail the download button is top right of the description (big green button)

    4. AngelFire


      ok it was my ad blocker blocking it lol

  3. 3.1.3 Upgrade - Problem & Solution

    i have not done my upgrade yet, but there is issues with custom skins, and there is a fix on the news post :)
  4. IPS Product Line Release Schedule

    can we make it wednesday, as its a better day for me lol, (joke) great work guys, i think this is just what we need, its progress and we see it as it happens :D
  5. Features keeping me with vBulletin...

    not totaly sure what you mean by search id, so cant answer that one, you can use the portal or there is the unreal portal if you want a more basic setup to a cms new posts works well for me on my site and here, maybe look at the settings in your profile or mark the posts as read once you have finished reading new posts preview popup, there is a mod todo that, but it is a paid for mod. subscription, ipb call it watch, look at the top right of this forum or topic, click it :) There are many people from vb here and they love ipb :)
  6. =( About to give up on IP.Board and IP.Content

    you already have php code to put in it?, thats what ipcontent is perfect for, it will wrap it in the forum header and then its quite easy to add a link to the menu. It gets hard when you need to code the php/html for your page if you dont know php/html. Why dont you try out the demo board with ipcontent and have a play around ;)
  7. no your missing my point, i have different contacts for different things in my life, i want them like that, i dont want to log into msn and then have all my contacts from yahoo talking to me. I know i can add my contacts from yahoo to msn or vice versa but thats why i use different products, i dont care if they are the same protcol. different products, different custom fields.
  8. i disagree, i have msn, yahoo and icq, skype etc, all separate accounts and as they are different products and you can have different accounts. also if you want you can join them together, there is nothing stopping you adjusting the custom fields yourself (no mod needed)
  9. is fed up with people spamming the status updates with there sites, products or help topics

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      I agree with Planet, also Star you can put your site in your signature. That's what I do and what most other people do.

    3. Olivier Turbis

      Olivier Turbis

      I really prefer discovering things than reading about how someone's cup of coffee is so hot.

    4. skinbydragonfly


      I couldn't agree more AngelFire, very annoying.

      Spammy gits.. go start a new topic.

  10. Thanks for adding me :)

  11. Minor Question

    yes there is a hook for it, its here, but dont think you can see it yet but sounds like its what you want :)
  12. May Desktops

    my current desktop " alt="" class="ipsImage" width="1000" height="750">
  13. woohoooo, send this to twiter for me, as i cant be bothered lol