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  1. HI I need some advise. I am wanting to host a new website - hopefully using the new IPB 4.0 software recently released.   I am an old customer, with my IPB licence last renewed in 2013. If I renew what I own currently (IPBOARD AND IPCONTENT) for the 20$ each, will those be upgraded to the latest version upon download?   Thank you.   Karl.
  2. Renewal

    Hi I had an IPB licence, it expired many years ago. If I were to renew my licence (it was 3.3 the last renewal - around three year ago, maybe two), would I be then able to download 4.0?   I had content and maybe another add on and I would want to purchase more addons. How does that work now, same as before, I would just have to buy say commerce and whatever else I wanted after content and blogs?
  3. Questions before I buy

    Yes, all that is possible. You can also upgrade to 4.0.0 if you have the licence renewal paid.
  4. I was thinking of buying IP Gallery, mainly because of the article images we put. We're an online independant media site, reviewing games and such. Would it be possible to import slideshows from IP Gallery straight to articles? This would replace big bulky images and allow us to put all screenshots in say, a folder in IP Gallery, then import them straight to the articles. Is this possible?
  5. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Purchased it and 6 hours later he makes it free to the public. :/ But yeah, it's worth $10, I can't see why you've gone free ^_^
  6. (DDK33) Board Index Face

    Looks great, gave it a purchase! :)
  7. Metro

    Been using this for a few months now, absolutely brilliant theme. Going to make some more purchases from this dude's inventory later today, great work!
  8. Member Reviews

    Again, there are a lot of other systems (particuarly the Tutorials @ $40) which are even better quality. If you were to lower the price tag to say $20-$30, you'd get double maybe even triple the sale hence earn more from the system. Charging $70 is riduculous, though, no matter what quality of any system.. I'd rather pay $50 and get IP Content or IP Blogs at that price! If you were to lower I'd 100% buy this!
  9. Thank you guys, you've been helpful. I'll make the purchase Wednesday.
  10. When will I receive my confirmation?

    Depends on the staff, but I know for me it took ~~ 5 hour. That was for renewal of licence, though, and I think that some staff were away that day. Generally, though, I don't think it takes longer than 1-2 hours. Prepare a few welcome topics or some content while you're waiting. Or maybe a plan of how you want your categories/forums :)
  11. I recently made a topic regarding IP Content. I'm thinking of buying this next week when I get paid. Here's what I want to do, if this is do-able then this will DEFINITELY be purchased: Homepage: I can see it has a portal that comes with it. Currently my URL: Directs to my forums straight away: Would it be possible to make the portal that comes with IP.Content (I assume one comes with it from what I hear??) at the first url ( Will this also be integratable with the forum (so the first URL and have the 'logged in as' and register that people are online at the forums if they visit (the homepage) Another thing I want to achieve is content. I know it has some good stuff here at IPB and I trust the services, so here's what I'd want: Something like at the top 'Reviews' 'Tutorials' 'News' and stuff like that. Each with their own pages and integrated in the forum where I can post articles there and people can comment and rate them and stuff? Is this all possible? Thanks guys. Let me know if these are all possible and if not is there any alternatives.. :)
  12. Metro

    Looking great will be making a purchase of this later on today. :)
  13. Can I make a page like this?

    Quite easily, and much much more with IP.Content from what I can see. Mind you, this wouldn't even need IP.Content. 'Pages' application would do this, from what I can see.