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  1. Askancy added a post in a topic [Suggestion] Some features in the manage languages   

    It would be really useful.
  2. Askancy added a file in Language Packs   

    (ITA) Traduzione "Aiuto" v2.0
    Questa traduzione, traduce solo il modulo "HELP", attraverso l'utilizzo di un hook.
    Nel caso troviate errori nella traduzione, vi invito a utilizzare il tracker di InvisionITA.
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  3. Askancy added a comment on a file (NG33) Xbox/Psn Tags   

    You can create custom gamertag?
  4. Askancy added a comment on a blog entry Switch to IPS   

    Using IPB the time of IPB 1.2 and continue to use only IPB!
  5. Askancy added a comment on a blog entry Development Update: IP.Board 3.2.3   

    Big changes! the management of the HTML I was able to expand it? ie html to insert even in the subforums and the ability to add different skins for forum/section...