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  1. Just realized I allowed my active customer license to lapse. Whoops. Will be renewing that....

  2. IP.Board 3.2.0 Dev Update: Editor Updates

    Nice! Too late to add "specify topic visible/hidden times" feature? :whistle:
  3. 15 Ways to Simplify Sign-up

    I know. Just throwing the topic out there for discussion.
  4. Thoughts?
  5. Links is still available here on IPS; just removed from nav bar so must point browser to it directly

    1. PKIDelirium


      There's a link to it on the marketplace's sidebar.

  6. What happened to the Links app?

  7. Macbook Air!

    I had that problem when I was using a Linksys router and Comcast (cable company for those unfamiliar) cable modem internet. Now I have Verizon FiOS and its complimentary router (Actiontec brand, I believe) and haven't had that problem. Not sure if the problem was due to the Linksys router or internet provider.
  8. New IPS site

    Sweet, I like. Someone should make an IPB skin based on it. Edit: Barring any objection from IPS, of course.
  9. Notification Feedback

    Agree with all of your suggestions, Luke. Usability is key.
  10. New Guest User Nav

    And you did so in a very sleek manner :). Now all you need to do is fix those gamma channel problems :P.
  11. New Guest User Nav

    Nice work! I think it looks great.
  12. Reported Content

    I think it's more an issue of preventing someone from reporting the same post over and over again.
  13. Reported Content

    Just what I was going to suggest :).
  14. Profile View in 3.1

    I like the suggestions in this thread :).
  15. 3.1 Feedback

    Thanks for listening :).