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  1. QueeenZ added a post in a topic For how long does my license last?   

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. That answers my question about the license.
  2. QueeenZ added a topic in Pre-Sales Questions   

    For how long does my license last?
    Hey guys, since VB is going down after Kier and 2 other main developers left who really were the brain of the whole project. IPB is my choice.
    So i wanted to ask, If i buy IP.Board for $149, it doesn't mean that i will have to upgrade to get all upgrades and bug fixes every 6 months, right? Once i buy it, it will never expire, right? I'm asking this because it said "$25 will due to July 2010" which was a little bit confusing.

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  3. QueeenZ added a post in a topic Windows 7 - Any good?   

    I like it to be honest, even I'm kind of a Linux fan these days, I find Windows 7 pretty stable and solid. Except that it's kind of expensive, it's really good.
  4. QueeenZ added a post in a topic Game recommendations   

    I would recommend GTA SA. I think it's the best of GTA series even GTA IV doesn't stand a chance. I miss country and all freedom... There are better physics in IV but it's not worth it ihmo..
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