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  1. Forum Member Stores

    But I was told that is only for buying downloads. My members sell physical items. Let me know if that is not true but that is what Invision support told me?
  2. Forum Member Stores

    I am a bit disappointed in Nexus. I mistakenly thought that members could make their own store to sell their items. I probably would not have purchased it just to sell my own items. I hope this is something that will be added? Also the purchase advertising packages really needs to show up in the stores instead of the client area. It is so hard for people to find that. Kay
  3. Questions on Nexus

    I put a ticket in but no answer. I hope I hear soon as the special price is over on the 17th
  4. Questions on Nexus

    No even that link wont work. When I click on it I get the full price instead of the discount. I currently have the forum, blogs and gallery. Kay
  5. Questions on Nexus

    I am a loyal existing customer :)
  6. Questions on Nexus

    I have been using the free demo for Nexus and have some questions. Can you only show one banner at a time on the header? For example you cannot show 6 at a time rotating? I am unable to get the special pricing for "complete the suite" to show up. Thanks kay
  7. would love to see Nexus working on someone site if someone can show me

    1. optrexnz


      this site uses it

    2. Infini9


      I think they mean the storefront, or at least more than just the user panel.

  8. looking for someone to upgrade my forum and do a couple other small things please message me

    1. DawPi
    2. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      IPS offers free upgrades - just submit a ticket.

  9. Wish for Forum Jump

    Hey Mat thanks so much! I know its a small thing but my members that were used to the old version find it very irritating to have to do an extra click in an "updated" version. Not sure I know how to put that code in but I will try :) Kay
  10. Wish for Forum Jump

    In the new version you have to click an extra time to make a forum jump. For example if I am in this forum and go to the bottom to jump to another one you have to click the forum and then click go. In the old version you just clicked the forum you wanted to jump to and went there without clicking go. Just my 2 cents :) Kay
  11. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Topic Preview

    Oh okay thanks! Kay
  12. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Topic Preview

    Is this available to download yet? Thanks Kay
  13. Hosting Help Please

    Thanks Mark I think it finally makes sense now. Yesterday was a rough day. I went ahead and ordered the hosting this morning
  14. Hosting Help Please

    Thanks Charles for your reply. I guess I will just order a package and someone will tell me if its the wrong one. I really was not trying to be a trouble maker! I just paid my license renewal fee a couple days ago so I guess it would be best to just buy web hosting? Dang wish I had known and I would have just gone with the community package and not paid the renewal fee. Originally I did not understand that the community packages include the price of the forum etc.
  15. Hosting Help Please

    HI Mark Im really not trying to be a pain. Im just confused on what the difference is in hosting packages. I was told on the phone that the packages you posted under options are for people that dont already own a license. Since I already bought the license I guess I go under web site hosting?? This is why I am confused because what you just said is opposite of what I was told on the phone. Hope that makes sense. Kay